Professional Plasma EDTA Blood Collection Set - Pack of 100 | Precision-Made for Optimal Sampling and Results

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A comprehensive Blood Collection Set for Plasma EDTA Tests designed for high accuracy and comfort. The meticulously compiled set of 100 units offers exclusive solutions to facilitate your plasma EDTA tests and ensure precision.

  • Exclusively designed to accommodate an array of laboratory settings.
  • Comprehensive Components: Includes K2EDTA tube, vacuum needle 21G, safety lancet, nitrile gloves, antiseptic gauze compress, compress gauze, and fabric bandage.
  • Usage Guidelines: Accurate results can be achieved by following the manufacturer’s precise instructions.
  • Note: Dispose waste as per safe waste disposal regulations, especially sharps for safety procedures.
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Professionally Designed Plasma EDTA Blood Collection Set - Pack of 100

The Professional Blood Collection Set for Plasma EDTA Tests is a box of 100 complete kits meticulously engineered for precision and reliability. With top-notch components, this kit’s principal aim is to ensure accurate blood sampling and successful results, leading it to be a trusted companion for medical professionals and clinical laboratories, hospitals, and reference centers globally.

Key Features:

  • K2EDTA tube: These tubes stabilize the blood post-sampling, preventing it from clotting and thus promising high-quality samples.
  • Vacuum needle 21G: This component ensures clean, swift, and hygienic blood extraction, increasing patient comfort and result accuracy.
  • Safety lancet: Engineered to provide controlled puncture depth to balance between minimal pain and appropriate sample size.
  • Nitrile gloves: Extra protection for both user and patient, enhancing safety during sample collection.
  • Antiseptic materials: The set includes antiseptic gauze compress, compress gauze and fabric bandage for post-sampling wound care, promoting a sterile environment and expedited healing process.
  • Vacuum tube holder, tourniquet, biohazard bag, packing box: Vital accessories are included for hassle-free storage, safe disposal, and comfort, making the entire process seamless and efficient.


This kit comes with detailed manufacturer-provided instructions, and strict adherence is vital for consistent reliability. It is recommended that suitably trained professionals be the ones conducting these tests owing to the specialized nature of the process.


The primary packaging includes a set with 100 individual units weighing approximately 2.3kg with a volume of about 0.0278mu00b3. This is designed for maximum ease and convenience.

Storage and Disposal:

Disposal of sharps and other biohazardous waste should be conducted carefully, with additional waste disposal equipment being recommended for purchase. Stringent following of biohazard waste disposal guidelines is imperative considering the potential risks associated with improper handling.

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