EID Set for Roche DNA HIV-1 Assay | Efficient Testing Kit Facilitating 960 Tests

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EID Set for Roche DNA HIV-1 Assay is a fully stocked kit, produced for the performance of up to 960 Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) procedures. Its central purpose is providing assistance in HIV detection for infants. Weighing approximately 39.00kg with a volume of 0.3m3, this set includes crucial elements such as PCR microplates, sterile tubes, nitrile gloves, and pipette tips.

  • Major Use: Designed for various laboratory environments, enabling precise Early Infant Diagnosis(EID) HIV testing when applied by practiced professionals following supplier instructions.
  • Note: Though crucial, the Roche assay test kit is not included in this set and must be procured separately.
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EID Set for Roche DNA HIV-1 Assay: Comprehensive Kit Enabling 960 Tests

Conduct Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) tests with precision and confidence with our extensive EID Set for Roche DNA HIV-1 Assay. This essential, all-inclusive kit has been assembled with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high-quality results in efficient time frames.

  • Precision Engineered Pipette Tips: Compiled with 5 x 200ul and 1 x 1000ul tips, these are critical for maintaining the accuracy of your HIV assays.
  • Sterile Tubes: Securing your samples is ensured with the inclusion of 1 x 2.0 ml tube that is specifically designed for this task.
  • Quality Assured Gloves: For the sake of safety and hygiene, we have included ten boxes of both medium and large nitrile gloves.
  • Efficient PCR Microplate: Your testing materials are properly encapsulated with the 96 U-well PCR microplate included in this kit, guaranteeing successful testing outcomes.
  • Convenient Extra Items: Savvy lab needs like Lab Coats, Cryoware Marker Pens, Reagent Reservoirs, Re-sealable Bags, Sterile Transfer Pipettes, and Biohazard Bags are also provided for your convenience.

Please note that while the Roche assay test kit does not come with the EID set, it's crucial for reliable HIV-1 testing. The entire EID set weighs approximately 39.00kg and occupies an estimated space of 0.3m3.

For optimal results, the guidelines of the manufacturer should be strictly adhered to, and tests should be performed by professional personnel. Wholesale and retail packaging is also available. The primary packaging of one EID Set is capable of facilitating 960 tests.

Note: This comprehensive list of components is made for the purpose of HIV Early Infant Diagnosis testing in a range of lab settings. The design aims to enhance efficiency and ensure smooth laboratory operations.

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