EID DBS Collection Unit Kit: Comprehensive Blood Sample Collection Solution

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Product: EID DBS Collection Unit Kit – Your ultimate solution for effortless blood sample collection.

  • All-inclusive Blood Sampling: Tailored for smooth collection using the DBS-card technique, ideal for diverse lab applications.
  • Kit Components: 50 individual collection units, gloves, capillary tubes, DBS cards, antiseptic gauze and safety lancets for convenience and hygiene.
  • Extra Features: Humidity cards, barcode stickers, drying racks, and packing envelopes included for prime sample management.
  • User-friendly: Provided with a step-by-step manual for easy usage, ensuring accurate results.
  • Specs: Weighs approximately 4.0kg and volume approximately 0.0411m³ for convenient handling and storage.
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EID DBS Collection Unit Kit: Ultimate Solution for Blood Sample Collection

The EID DBS Collection Unit Kit is an indispensable solution crafted with excellence to cater to all your blood sample collection needs. Harnessing the power of Dry Blood Spot (DBS) technology, it ensures efficient and error-free sample management. The Kit's design makes it compatibly versatile, making it an asset for a range of laboratory services, from healthcare institutions to reference centers.

Key Features:

  • Capable of accommodating 50 separate collection units, providing full flexibility in use.
  • Incorporates essential components like gloves, capillary, DBS cards, antiseptic gauze compress, and safety lancets for a complete solution.
  • Additional elements like humidity cards, barcode stickers, drying racks, packaging envelopes to elevate your usage experience.
  • Comes with an easy-to-comprehend instruction booklet for efficient and correct use.
  • Weighing an estimated 4.0kg and occupying a volume of 0.0411m³, the kit offers ease in storage and transport.
  • Puts emphasis on user safety and effective testing outcomes.

An ideal choice for clinical environments that value accuracy and consistency in blood sample collection, the EID DBS Collection Unit Kit promises exceptional outcomes. It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for achieving optimum results. Complement the kit with a safe disposal medium like a 50ml sample container for needles.

Invest in the EID DBS Collection Unit and bring precision and convenience to your blood sample collection process.

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