High-Efficiency Decanter Centrifuge for Superior Fermentation Process Control

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High-Efficiency Decanter Centrifuge Separation and Filification System

Optimize your precision fermentation processes with our Decanter Centrifuge System. This system prioritizes uninterrupted operation and peak stability.

  • Solid content in fermentation fluid precisely controlled for maximum efficiency.
  • Guarantees maximum recovery of mycelium boosting process efficiencies.
  • A model of resilience, ensuring consistent function over time.

Elevate your manufacturing efficiency with this reliable, high-performance system, ideal for optimal fermentation processes.

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High-Efficiency Decanter Centrifuge Separation and Filtration System for Optimal Fermentation Processes

Enhance precision in your fermentation processes with this impeccable High-Efficiency Decanter Centrifuge Separation and Filtration System. Designed and developed to tackle complex solid-liquid separation in diverse fermentation environments, this system delivers superior stability coupled with continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Boasting a unique range of decanter types, this system is a marvel of modern engineering, providing unprecedented control over the solid content percentage in the fermentation liquid. The result? Maximized mycelium recovery and a significant boost in overall process efficiency.

Key Features

  • Variety of decanter types for flexibility in operation
  • Continuous operation for greater stability and reduced downtime
  • Precise and adjustable control of solid content percentage in the fermentation liquid
  • Optimized mycelium recovery to enhance process efficiency


  • Models: GHT12P, GHT32P, GHT53V, GHT53-600V
  • Inner Diameter: Ranging from 250-600mm
  • Length: Measures from 863-2160mm
  • Screw Diameter: Between 248-598mm
  • Drum Speed: Adjustable from 0 to 7000rpm
  • Water Flow Rate: Varies between 6-90m2/h

Customer-Centric and Quality-Oriented

Customize your production capacity to your specific needs. Our High-Efficiency Decanter Centrifuge Separation and Filtration System is shipped in a secure wooden case pack, ensuring your product arrives in perfect condition.

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