TempTale Ultra 16K Single-Use Datalogger: Streamlining Industrial Temperature Monitoring

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TempTale Ultra 16K Single-Use Datalogger- An advanced temperature monitoring solution, curated for diverse sectors. It is in line with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EC Annex 1. Key Features include:

  • Programmability: Automated report compilation and multi-tiered alarms, enabling single-use functionality.
  • Compatibility: Widespread integration, particularly with ColdStream CCM 1.8A.
  • Precision: Guarantees exactness within -30 to 70°C, spot-on up to ±0.5°C.
  • Durability: Equipped with a non-replaceable 3V Lithium coin cell battery, certified as IP64 and a shelf-life of one year.
  • User-friendliness: Features a straight-forward LCD interface for ease of use.
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Effortless and Precise Temperature Monitoring with TempTale Ultra 16K Single-Use Datalogger

Bring unprecedented precision to your temperature logging with the TempTale Ultra 16K Single-Use Datalogger. This top-of-the-line temperature datalogger holds indisputable value across several industrial sectors with demanding temperature management needs. The device adheres to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EC Annex 1 regulations, delivering consistently dependable results.

  • Wide Operating Range:Flexible and adaptable functioning in temperatures as low as -30 and as high as 70°C.
  • Unrivalled Precision:Exceptional accuracy to within ±0.5°C, making it one of the most precise loggers on the market.
  • Intelligent Alarms:Multi-level, customizable alarms ensure that any crucial temperature fluctuations are promptly communicated.
  • Streamlined Data Analysis:Automatic generation of PDF reports or encrypted TTV data files for effortless data interpretation.
  • Seamless Connectivity:User-friendly data upload to ColdStream CCM 1.8A.
  • Relentless Performance:A 3V Lithium coin cell battery, boasting a year-long shelf life, guarantees uninterrupted service.
  • Robust Construction:An IP64 rating confirms superior resistance against dust and water, making it apt for demanding environments.
  • Easily Understandable Interface:An accessible LCD display eliminates guesswork by offering current status overview.

Space-Efficient Packaging

The TempTale Ultra 16K is snugly packaged in a compact cardboard box containing 20 units. The design promotes ease of handling and transit, with efficiently stacked pallets maximizing cargo space and simplifying logistics.

Assured Quality with Warranty

Testifying to our faith in the TempTale Ultra 16K’s quality, we offer a one-year replacement warranty from the manufacturing date. This warranty covers all component failures not related to mechanical damage, demonstrating our commitment to high-quality products.

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