High-Quality Secondary Pilot Fermentation Equipment for Precise Processes

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High-Quality Secondary Pilot Fermentation Equipment for Precise Processes

  • Material: Superior stainless steel construction provides durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Compactness: Compact design ensures a neat appearance whilst performing competitively with global brands.
  • Automation: Highly automated for efficient operation.
  • Industry Applicability: Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical, agriculture, and brewing industries.
  • Capacity: Scales from 10L to 10KL, accommodating varied production volumes.
  • Efficiency: Delivers over 70% effective volume for high throughput.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Features integrated system including tanks, filtrations systems, automatic controls, connection pipes, and valves.
  • Controlled Processing: Regulates temperature, speed, PH, DO, with additional controls.
  • Extra Features: Advantageous attributes include in-place sterilization, minimal footprint, multiple feeds, online monitoring, and automated controls.
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Experience Precision with High-Quality Secondary Pilot Fermentation Equipment

Meet the future of precision-based fermentation - the Secondary Pilot Fermentation Equipment. Originally crafted for outstanding performance, this cutting-edge system solidifies its place in various industries, ranging from food and medicine to biology and chemicals. Its superior quality stainless steel build predicates durability, resistance to corrosion, and a compact, sleek design that thrills aesthetically.

Unravel the Exceptional Features:

  • Sleek and compact design, construct out of SUS304/316L stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting resilience and corrosion resistance.
  • Advanced automatic sterilization presents a safer, more reliable fermentation operation.
  • Unmatched temperature regulation system to guarantee optimal fermentation conditions.
  • Applicable in a multitude of sectors, such as food, medicine, and the biological and chemical industry.

Genius Control System:

  • Enjoy the convenience of the host and remote computer control, enabling real-time monitoring and effective management.
  • Fully functional, comprehensive control system, with PID temperature control and cyclic sterilization.
  • Includes an effective foam control with an automated notification system for seamless operation.

Innovative Structural Design:

  • Experience effortless operations with an automatic upper cover lift design.
  • Multiple feed options designed to suit various fermentation needs.
  • Innovative integrated design that minimizes spatial footprint for efficient space utilization.

Additional Product Marvels:

  • Real-time detection of tail gas oxygen and carbon dioxide content to enable immediate operational adjustments.
  • Equipped with an accurate differential pressure inoculation assembly for precise experimental setup.
  • Further enhance safety measures with an optional continuous disinfection system.

This state-of-the-art Secondary Pilot Fermentation Equipment not just meets but surpasses General Manufacturing Practices, offering users unparalleled control, functionality, and results in their fermentation processes.

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