High-Efficiency Multi Layer Mesh Belt Drying Machine for Diverse Industry Uses

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The High-Efficient Seaweeds Carrageenan Multi Layer Mesh Belt Drying Machine is a top-tier system for efficient drying of various root and leafy vegetables in multiple industries. The key elements are:

  • Three-layer and Five-layer Structure: Independent temperature control on each phase.
  • Uniform Motion Technique: Ensures effective and uniform drying.
  • Axial Fans and Heaters: Proportionate heat distribution across the layers.
  • Hoisting Equipment with Uniform Feeder: Regulates layer thickness for consistency in end-product.

Accepted payment mediums are T/T and L/C. The product is securely packed in wooden cases for protection during transit. Expected delivery period is 30 days.

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High-Efficient Seaweed Carrageenan Multi Layer Mesh Belt Drying Machine for Diverse Industries

Experience unmatched efficiency with the Seaweed Carrageenan Multi Layer Mesh Belt Drying Machine. This innovative device is cutting-edge technology, designed to meet an expansive range of industrial, agricultural, and food product drying needs. Achieve optimal results in food processing, agricultural production, vegetable dehydration, medicinal materials, and chemical industries with this pioneering drying machine.

  • Advanced Technology

    Outperform your competitors with our machine's three-layer and five-layer mechanism, which swiftly adjusts the temperature in accordance to the properties of the dried materials. The uniform lateral motion technology ensures evenly distributed materials, guaranteeing swift and effective drying.

  • Revolutionary Design

    Make maximum use of heat transfer due to a unique combination of axial fans and heaters at each layer, drastically shortening the drying time. The specially designed five-layer mesh belt mechanism allows for controlled material transfer and processing, enhancing drying efficiency.

  • Unparalleled Output Quality

    The equipped hoisting device and uniform feeder ensures complete control over the material layer's thickness. This meticulously engineered machine not only upholds your quality standards but also boosts your production efficiency.

  • Safe Packaging and Delivery

    Every drying machine is securely packaged in a well-structured wooden case for its safe transportation. A standard lead time of 30 days is applicable post order placement for the delivery of the product. Refer to the technical specification for detailed information regarding model, spreading area, steam pressure, steam consumption, drying cycle, evaporation power, installed power, total weight and dimensions.

  • Customer-Friendly Payment Options

    With a customer-first approach, we accept multiple payment methods, including T/T and L/C, to accommodate our customer's preferences.

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