SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit: Accelerating Malaria Diagnostics and Global Health Interventions

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The SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit is a rapid, portable, and highly accurate diagnostic device capable of detecting malaria within 15 minutes. Implemented with lateral immuno-chromatographic testing technology, it shows impressive diagnostic accuracy, identifying P.f and P.v variants of malaria respectively at 92.0% and 94.3% reliability. Sturdy with a longevity of 24 months post-manufacture, and performs optimally when stored at 1-40°C. The minimum order is capped at 2000 kits.

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SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit: A Premier Solution for Rapid and Reliable Malaria Detection

Introducing the SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit, a revolution in the field of malaria diagnostics. Leveraging state-of-the-art lateral immuno-chromatographic technology, this kit delivers quick, accurate detection of malaria with minimal sample collection. This product stands out as a pivotal tool in the worldwide mission to eradicate the disease.

  • Speedy and Accurate Diagnosis: The kit employs next-gen lateral immuno-chromatographic technology, ensuring rapid and precise malaria detection.
  • Minimal Invasiveness: Only requires a whole blood sample demonstrating reduced patient discomfort and simplicity of procedure.
  • Superior Detection Proficiency: Exhibits exceptional detection performance, even in early infection stages, attaining 92.0% and 94.3% accuracy for P.f. and P.v. parasitemias, respectively.
  • Convenient Design and Portability: Compact cassette design along with just 25 tests per kit make for easy transport and storage.
  • Rapid Results: Get clear results in just 15 minutes, ideal for busy clinical contexts and for accelerating treatment commencement.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes test cassettes, buffer, specimen transfer devices, non-safety lancets, alcohol swabs, and instructions for user ease.
  • Durable Shelf Life: Ensures efficacy for 24 months post-manufacture when stored at temperatures between 1-40°C, safeguarding component integrity.

Using the SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit

With the SDMal AgPf/Pv Malaria Test Kit, swift and accurate malaria diagnosis is now within reach. This tool is a crucial technology in containing this worldwide disease, promulgating swift treatment and prevention of further disease spread. It is a must-have asset in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and organizations championing the malaria elimination drive.

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