SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pv Kit - Precise and Reliable Malaria Detection Solution

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SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pv Kit – High Accuracy Malaria Detection Solution

  • Immunochromatographic technique assures premier quality with HRP2 (Pf) and pLDH (Pv) detection.
  • Competent diagnostic tool boasting detection rates of 92.0% for P.f. and 94.3% for P.v. parasitemia.
  • Provides 10 individual testing cassettes aiding in multiple malaria screening.
  • Only requires a 5µl Whole Blood sample, ensuring minimal invasiveness.
  • Delivers rapid results within a 15-minute timeframe.

The SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pv Kit is your dependable malaria detection solution, offering innovative technology for effective disease management.

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SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pv Kit: Precise Detection for Malaria

The SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pv Kit is an exceptional tool in the diagnostics arsenal with its groundbreaking immuno-chromatographic method of identifying malaria-causing parasites, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. The specialized design of the kit enables detection of HRP2 and pLDH, delivering high precision diagnoses.

The kit exhibits impressive detection scores: 92.0% for low P.f. parasitemia and 94.3% for low P.v. parasitemia. This enhances the accuracy of results while significantly reducing false positives or invalid results.

Convenient and High-Quality Diagnosis Tool

  • Comes in a cassette format with 10 tests
  • Designed to handle whole blood sample type
  • Requires only a small sample volume of 5µl
  • Delivers results within a quick 15-minute timeframe
  • Promises long shelf life of 24 months

Comprehensive Testing Package

  • Includes 10 test cassettes to facilitate multiple testing
  • Offers an assay diluent bottle of 3ml
  • Comes with 10 specimen transfer devices of 5µl for precise measurement
  • Provides 10 alcohol swabs for a clean and secure testing area
  • Supplies 10 non-safety lancets for sample collection
  • Features an easy-to-follow Instructions for Use

Easy Storage and Transportation
The kit is designed for a hassle-free storage and transportation experience. It can be stored and transported at temperature ranges from 1 to 40°C. It is advised to keep the product away from excessive humidity, direct sunlight and avoid freezing the reagents for optimal results.

Please Note
Despite being a comprehensive kit, it does not include certain critical operational elements such as disposable gloves, antiseptic swabs, absorbent paper, protective glasses, timer, biohazard disposable container, and surface disinfectant. These are integral for the operation and need to be arranged separately.

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