Efficient Vaccine Storage - Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator | Zero ZLF30DC E003/055

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The Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Storage – Zero ZLF30DC E003/055 is a sturdy, solar-powered unit designed for efficient storage and safety of vaccines. Its key features include:

  • A 27-liter capacity to meet sizeable storage needs
  • R600a coolant ensuring efficient cooling
  • Operational range from 5°C to 43°C to maintain ideal storage conditions
  • Temperature monitoring for precise control over storage conditions
  • Maintenance fuses and lockable lid to secure the contents
  • Easy ON/OFF switch and organised storage shelves for user-friendly operation and management
  • Added perks of detailed product manuals, robust plywood packaging and extended product and solar panel warranty.
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Efficient and Safe Vaccine Storage: Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator - Zero ZLF30DC E003/055

Specially designed for the efficient and secure storage of vaccines, Zero ZLF30DC E003/055 is a revolutionary solar direct drive (SDD) refrigerator that marries optimal performance with cutting-edge technology. This standalone refrigerator model is equipped with plug-and-play technology for on-demand deployment, without the need for additional modules or components.

Capacious Vaccine Storage

The refrigerator cabinet provides ample storage capacity with a net volume of 27 liters. Developed to accommodate large quantities of vaccines, it also boasts a Grade A freeze protection system that prevents accidental freezing, sustaining their high-quality efficacy.

Highest level of Cooling Efficiency

Utilizing R600a, an efficient and safe refrigerant, the refrigerator ensures vaccines are stored at optimal temperatures. Its robust design also allows it to function effortlessly in an ambient temperature range of 5u00b0C - 43u00b0C.

Integrated Solar Power System

This refrigerator is powered by a specially designed solar power system that caters to its power requirements, offering an uninterrupted energy supply and significant energy savings.

Consistent Monitoring for Optimal Conditions

An electronic temperature monitoring device is integrated into the design, ensuring the appropriate storage conditions are maintained at all times. An easily accessible ON/OFF power switch also allows the refrigerator to be isolated from the solar power system when necessary.

Exceptional Warranty

The product comes with a two-year replacement warranty that covers defective designs, materials, or workmanship. A 25-year warranty is also provided on the solar module power output, guaranteeing 80% of the initial power rating.

Added Value Features

To enhance user experience, the refrigerator includes a key-lock system for secure vaccine storage and user instruction labels for easy operation. English, French, and Spanish manuals, along with other essential accessories such as wire shelves, a set of spare parts, toolkits, and ten replacement fuses are provided for ready use. The packaging includes plywood with EPS protection to ensure safe product delivery and transportation.

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