Zero ZLF100DC Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator for Sustainable Vaccine Storage

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Zero ZLF100DC Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: Optimal Efficiency for Vaccine Storage

The Zero ZLF100DC Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator is engineered with a special focus on sustainable vaccine storage, ensuring cost and energy efficiency through solar power technology.

  • Capable of storing 99 liters of vaccines, catering to substantial storage demands.
  • Employs the eco-friendly refrigerant type R600a, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • High-functioning under varied ambient temperatures from 5uC to 43uC, providing extensive adaptability.
  • Incorporates advanced Grade A Freeze Protection, upholding vaccine safety and efficacy.
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Zero ZLF100DC Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: An Unbeatable Sustainable Vaccine Storage Solution

Experience the marvel of eco-friendly technology with Zero ZLF100DC Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator, the superior choice for paramount vaccine storage. Integrating the power of solar energy and high-grade engineering, this standalone refrigeration device offers high performance, rock-solid reliability, and unprecedented value.

  • Targets off-grid regions with optimal temperature control, ensuring vaccine safety.
  • Accommodates your vaccines with a spacious 99-liter storage capacity.
  • Premium Grade A Freeze Protection maintains perfect storage conditions, eliminating the risk of vaccine freezing.
  • Performs consistently in diverse ambient temperature ranges from 5°C to 43°C, securing your vaccines in varying climates.
  • Deploys eco-friendly R600a refrigerant, underscoring our dedication towards a sustainable future and minimal environmental damage.
  • The purpose-built solar power system executes efficient power management, promising consistent and smooth power supply, with solar panels made in China guaranteeing exceptional quality and effectiveness.
  • Includes complimentary components such as a 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger for exact temperature tracking, an easily reachable ON/OFF power switch, backup fuses, a fortified lid with lock and keys for heightened security, and three wire shelves for systematized storage.
  • Boasts a sturdy build with a shipping weight of approximately 190 kg and a shipping volume of 1.469 m³, promising durability and extended performance.
  • Delivers an impressive two-year replacement warranty on the refrigerator, and an extraordinary 25-year warranty on the solar module power output, ensuring unmatched after-sales service.

Optional Extras: Customized spare parts and installation toolsets are available upon request to enable an effortless and seamless operation.

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