Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: The Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

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Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: Efficient and Reliable Vaccine Storage Solution | Eco-friendly Cooling Technology is an ideal choice for vaccine storage with its salute to green energy and utilization of R600a refrigerant. Efficiently operating between the wide ambient range of 5u00b0C-43u00b0C, it caters to varying geographic conditions. Its Grade A freeze protection ensures optimal performance and steady temperature regulation. Relying on 3.5KWh/m2/24 hours solar radiation, it’s perfectly suitable for off-grid implementations. The equipment is complete with an in-built temperature check device, a power switch, lockable top, storage basket, and keys for secure vaccine preservation.

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Efficient and Reliable Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator

The Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator exemplifies an innovative blend of modern technology and eco-friendly ideology. Mastercrafted for the pertinent mission of vaccine storage, this standalone equipment lock-steps with the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

Running entirely on solar energy, the refrigerator ensures dependable vaccine cooling around-the-clock, unbound by the limitations of power availability. With a net storage volume of 25.5 litres, it efficiently handles small to medium vaccine storage requirements.

The use of R600a refrigerant bolsters the equipment's seamless operation, as it is revered for its stability in varying ambient temperatures (from 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C). The Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator also secures an exceptional Grade A freeze protection classification, testament to its commitment to preserving the vaccines' efficacy.

The refrigerator smartly aligns its power consumption with the changing weather and solar radiation, making it fit for regions with diverse weather patterns. Its prime features comprise a real-time Temperature Monitoring Device, a Class II power switch for enhanced safety, protection against electrical overload with 10 fuses, and a lockable lid to secure the contents. Easy-to-understand user, installation, and maintenance manuals facilitate user-friendly operation.

Its manageable shipping weight of approximately 170 kg and compact volume of 1.04 mu00b3 make transport and installation hassle-free. Coupled with a two-year replacement warranty, the Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator makes for a worry-free long-term investment.

This solar-powered refrigerator is an epitome of responsible technology that is perfect for environmentally-driven organizations. However, bear in mind the solar panel's country of origin as import restrictions might apply in some countries.

  • Reliable vaccine storage solution powered by solar energy
  • Net storage volume: 25.5 litres
  • Operates efficiently in ambient temperatures of 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C
  • Grade A freeze protection
  • Features a real-time Temperature Monitoring Device
  • Comes with a Class II power switch, 10 fuses for overload protection, and lockable lid for secure storage
  • Minimal shipping weight of approximately 170 kg and compact volume of 1.04 mu00b3 for easy transportation and installation
  • Backed by a two-year replacement warranty
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