SureChill GVR100DC Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator - Premium Vaccine Storage Solution

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Introducing the SureChill GVR100DC – a premium, Grade A solar direct drive refrigerator, tailored to meet high-end vaccine storage requirements. Key features include the following:

  • Offers a large 99-litre storage capacity.
  • Operates efficiently within a temperature range of 10u00b0C to 43u00b0C utilizing the high-performing R600a refrigerant.
  • Incorporates a reliable temperature monitoring system for vaccine safety assurance.
  • Comes with useful attachments like a power switch, lid with lock, and wire shelves.
  • Backed by a 2-year replacement warranty on the refrigerator and a 25-year warranty on solar module power output.

Get this ecofriendly choice which toes the line of sustainability with green energy usage, a robust build, and an estimated product weight of 255 kg

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The 'SureChill GVR100DC' is a state-of-the-art solar direct drive refrigerator primarily designed for secure and advanced vaccine storage. Leveraging cutting-edge technology with practical design principles, it offers a reliable solution for preserving the quality and efficacy of your vaccines, making it a worthy addition to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Key Features and Benefits:

The SureChill GVR100DC is more than just a refrigerator. It's a beacon of innovation in the realm of vaccine storage. Here are some unique attributes that distinguish it from its counterparts:

  • Featuring a spacious net storage capacity of 99 litres, this product ensures safe and ample storage of vaccines.
  • Embedded with an eco-friendly and energy-saving R600a refrigerant.
  • Its customized Solar Power System ensures optimum energy utilization, aligning perfectly with the appliance’s energy consumption graph.
  • The product boasts a Grade A freeze protection rating, thus protecting your vaccines from potential freeze damage.
  • Performs efficiently in varying environmental conditions ranging from 10°C to 43°C.
  • An advanced Temperature Monitoring Device maintains a consistent optimum temperature for ideal vaccine preservation.
  • Incorporates added security features like a lockable lid with 2 keys and 5 wire shelves for safe containment.
  • Offers an inclusive 2-year replacement warranty on the product and an impressive 25-year warranty on the solar module power output.

User, installation, and technician manuals in English, French, and Spanish languages further add to its user-convenience factor. Furthermore, the provision of spare parts for every ten units of SDDs and optional Basic Installation Toolkit and Maintenance tool kits ensure a seamless and interruption-free usage experience.

Embrace the SureChill GVR100DC- a perfect amalgam of technology and clever design- and redefine the concept of efficient vaccine storage!

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