Haier HTC-40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator - Reliable Vaccine Storage Solution

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The Haier HTC-40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator epitomizes the perfect vaccine storage solution. It is pioneered with solar technology, ensuring a constant power supply for efficient operation while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Vaccine Storage Capacity: Robust capacity of 22.5 liters to accommodate a substantial quantity of vaccines.
  • Efficient Refrigerant: Engineered with the eco-friendly and effective R600a refrigerant.
  • Solar Power Integration: Innovatively designed with an integrated solar power system for unceasing power supply.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Delivers accurate temperature monitoring for optimal vaccine preservation.
  • Freeze Protection: Grade A protection to maintain desired, constant temperature.
  • Long-lasting Warranty: Extended warranty of 2 years on product replacement and a massive 25 years on the solar module power output.
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Haier HTC-40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: The Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

The Haier HTC-40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator is a revolution in the field of medical storage solutions. This advanced refrigerator is meticulously engineered to deliver efficient and reliable vaccine storage, guaranteeing their effectiveness under challenging environmental conditions. Thus, it is a crucial tool in fighting against vaccine-preventable diseases globally.

Key Features

  • Equipped with pioneering technology, the Haier HTC-40SDD ensures optimal conditions for vaccine preservation, operating effectively even between ambient temperatures of 5°C and 43°C.
  • With a net vaccine storage volume of 22.5 liters, it offers sufficient space for your storage needs while maintaining the potency of the vaccines.
  • The refrigerator's power source is a custom-designed, environmentally-friendly solar power system matched to ambient temperatures and solar radiation.
  • The use of refrigerant type R600a makes the Haier HTC-40SDD not only highly functional but also eco-friendly.
  • The refrigerator includes a 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger for effective temperature monitoring and is equipped with Grade A freeze protection.
  • For enhanced security, it comes with a lockable lid and two keys.

Guaranteed Reliability

The Haier HTC-40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator comes with a robust two-year replacement warranty, with the solar module power output harnessing an extended coverage of a remarkable 25 years. This gives you the reassurance of long-lasting reliability for safeguarding vaccines in challenging environments.

Strengthening the Cold Chain

Especially valuable in remote and off-grid areas, the Haier HTC-40SDD enhances the efficiency of healthcare delivery by ensuring life-saving vaccines are preserved efficiently. This product significantly strengthens the cold chain, playing a critical role in preventing vaccine-preventable diseases.

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