Dulas VC60SDD-1 E003/084: Ultimate Solar-Powered Vaccine Storage

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The SDD Ref & Frz. Dulas VC60SDD-1 E003/084 is an eco-friendly vaccine storage solution. This unit combines refrigeration and freezing capabilities, powered by solar energy. With a built-in temperature monitoring device, it operates proficiently under 5-43u00b0C ambient surroundings, providing a vaccine storage volume of 57 liters.

  • Water Pack Freezing Capacity: 2.4 kg/day
  • Freeze Protection: Grade A, ensuring vaccine safety against freezing conditions
  • Solar Power System: Adjusts according to usage and environment
  • Warranty: 2 years of product replacement, 25 years for solar module power output
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Dulas VC60SDD-1 E003/084: Revolutionary Solar-Powered Vaccine Storage Solution

Introducing the SDD Ref & Frz. Dulas VC60SDD-1 E003/084: A ground-breaking innovation designed specifically for cost-effective, highly efficient, and sustainable vaccine storage. This state-of-the-art unit combines a refrigerator and freezer in one, offering an impressive storage capacity that’s entirely powered by solar energy for robust and enduring performance.

Key Features and Specifications

  • A rugged refrigerator cabinet with a substantial vaccine storage volume of 57 liters, operating within a temperature range of 5°C to 43°C.
  • Impressive freezing capacity which can accommodate 2.4 kg of water-pack every 24 hours, with a storage capacity of up to 13.8 kg of water-pack.
  • The use of the highly efficient, environmentally-friendly R600a refrigerant type.
  • An adaptable, integrated solar power system that adjusts to factors such as power consumption, varying weather conditions, prevailing external temperature, and solar radiation in real-time for optimized efficiency. The included solar panels, made in Singapore, are a testament to the nation's leadership in advanced technology sectors.
  • Enhanced features such as a Temperature Monitoring Device, a lockable lid for security, a DC rated MCB/isolator switch, and 4 separate baskets for organized storage.
  • Shipping specifications: The total weight stands at 320 kg, inclusive of the solar array, making up a total of 2.05 m³ of space.
  • A highly encouraging two-year replacement warranty, backed by a 25-year power output warranty on the solar module, assuring lasting product life and customer satisfaction

Additional Information

Note that the product comes with comprehensive user and technical manuals in both English and French for easy access. Other UN languages can be made available upon request. For added convenience, a detailed vaccine storage advice label is permanently affixed on the unit. Tools for simple installation and routine maintenance are supplied on request.

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