SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 - Innovative Solar-Powered Vaccine Storage Solution

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SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 – Solar-Powered Vaccine Storage Solution

  • Eco-friendly Operation: Harnesses solar power, eliminating dependency on external power sources.
  • Larger Storage Capacity: Ample room with a 70-liter capacity for bulk vaccine storage.
  • Premium Freeze Protection: Grade A freeze protection ensures proper vaccine preservation.
  • Adaptable Temperature Management: Wide-ranging ambient temperature adaptability (5°C to 43°C) with remote monitoring for enhanced control.
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Solar-Powered Vaccine Storage Solution - SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043

The SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 is redefining the precision and convenience of vaccine storage with an innovative, standalone, solar-powered refrigeration and freezing solution. Designed to revolutionize medical supply preservation, this cutting-edge unit blends efficiency, user-friendliness, and sustainability.

High-Capacity Vaccine Storage

  • The SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 offers a generous 70 liters of net vaccine storage space, ensuring secure and ample storage for vaccines.
  • It features a water-pack freezing capacity of 2.5 kg per day, guaranteeing continuous and reliable vaccine preservation.
  • Equipped with the environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant, the unit significantly increases efficiency and promotes sustainability.
  • Capable of adapting to varying climates, this robust device operates seamlessly in an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 43°C.
  • With Grade A freeze protection, the device ensures optimal vaccine safety.

Eco-Friendly Solar Power System

The BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 comes with a custom solar power system designed to meet its particular power consumption needs. This renewable initiative maximizes the unit's operational efficiency across diverse climatic conditions, ambient temperatures, and levels of solar radiation. A standard solar radiation reference source of 3.5KWh/m² per 24 hours optimally powers the unit.

Precision and User-Convenience Enhanced

  • An easy-access ON/OFF power switch assures uncomplicated power control.
  • A built-in Temperature Monitoring Device provides immediate, accurate temperature readings.
  • A Remote Temperature Monitoring Device (RTMD) empowers users to perform quality checks and control operations from a distance.
  • The vaccine storage solution includes essential hardware such as a lockable lid, spare keys, additional fuses, storage baskets, and a navigation compass, enhancing security and convenience.

Robust Shipping and Extensive Warranty Coverage

  • The SDD Ref & Frz. BMed TCW2043SDD E003/043 has shipping weight and volume dimensions of approximately 380 kg and 1.922 m³, respectively.
  • A 2-year replacement warranty covers the refrigerator and freezer unit, and a 25-year warranty guards the solar module power output, ensuring a durable, risk-free experience.
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