Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer: A Practical Vaccine Storage Solution

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Secure and enhance vaccine preservation with our Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer. Key features include:

  • A substantial net vaccine storage volume of 16 litres, providing ample storage capacity.
  • A water-pack freezing capacity of 1.97 kg and a storage capacity of 2.4 kg, delivering plenty of freezing space.
  • Efficient operation within temperatures ranging from 5°C to 43°C, guaranteeing Grade A freeze protection.
  • Equipped with remote temperature monitoring device, temperature logger, and a compass for optimal function monitoring.
  • Has multilingual interface, supporting English, French, and Spanish languages.
  • Includes a 2-year replacement warranty for guaranteed satisfaction.
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Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer: Your Reliable Solution for Efficient Vaccine Storage

In the realm of medical necessity, safe and efficient vaccine storage remains paramount. Our Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer is a pioneering solution designed to meet this crucial demand. This unit amalgamates top-tier cooling capabilities with sustainability through solar power, making it a practical choice for various settings from local health clinics to large-scale hospitals.

Strong Attributes of the Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer:

  • Generous Vaccine Storage: Equipped to house a net vaccine storage volume of 16 litres, it is versatile enough for numerous environments demanding varied storage sizes.
  • Top Grain Freeze Protection: This unit offers Grade A Freeze Protection, securing the safekeeping of temperature-sensitive vaccines.
  • Eco-Conscious Refrigerant: The environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a reduces the unit's carbon footprint.
  • Wide Temperature Adaptability: Designed to function effectively in a broad temperature range from 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C, this unit maintains optimal performance regardless of external climate conditions.
  • Efficient Water-Pack Features: With the capacity to freeze around 1.97 kg every 24 hours and store up to 2.4 kg, this unit ensures temperature consistency for stored vaccines.
  • Solar Power Synergy: The comprised solar power system is ingeniously integrated to balance the refrigerator's power consumption, taking into consideration factors such as regional climate, ambient temperatures, and solar radiation sources.

Auxiliary Benefits:

  • Accompanied by comprehensive user, installation, and technician manuals in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Cost-efficient shipping dimensions thanks to a shipping weight of approximately 223 kg and a total volume of roughly 1.33 mu00b3.

Start contributing to the community with top-quality vaccine storage. Trust our Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator & Freezer for a reliable and practical solution!

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