Vestfrost VLS056 RF SDD: Unmatched Vaccine Storage Efficiency & Sustainability

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Product: The Vestfrost VLS056 RF SDD, a Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator and Freezer, is a high-quality solution for vaccine storage. This unit combines efficiency with sustainability through its

  • Storage: A substantial 36 liters net vaccine storage volume, ensuring ample capacity.
  • Freezing Capacity: Easily handles 1.8 kg water-pack freezing capacity per 24 hours, guaranteeing optimal preservation conditions.
  • Power: Operates via a Solar Power System, promoting energy conservation.
  • Monitoring: Comes equipped with a temperature monitoring device for highest accuracy and reliability.

This product, with its two-year replacement warranty and extended 25-year warranty on the solar module power output, stands as a trusted choice in the market.

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The Vestfrost VLS056 RF SDD is the elite choice for prudent and efficient storage of vaccines. This combined refrigerator and freezer unit has been meticulously crafted, prioritizing energy efficiency and the stringent storage conditions required to preserve vaccines. Its eco-focused design offers optimized power conservation, making it a sustainable choice for healthcare establishments.

  • Standalone Solar Direct Drive (SDD) technology: This plug-and-play solution ensures ease of use and further promotes sustainability and efficiency.
  • Generous vaccine storage: The impressive net vaccine storage volume is 36 liters, more than ample to accommodate sizable stocks of vaccines without compromising on their preservation.
  • Efficient cooling capability: The VLS056 RF SDD boasts a 1.8 kg water-pack freezing capacity within 24 hours. Coupled with the efficient R600a refrigerant type, it offers robust temperature management in various climates.
  • Precision temperature monitoring: The device ensures accurate readings and maintains optimal conditions for preserving vaccines, further solidifying its vital significance in healthcare environments.
  • Class II power switch: Supplying safety and stability, the switch effectively isolates the refrigerator from the solar power system.
  • Inclusive accessories: Each unit comes with detailed user, installation, and maintenance manuals, a lockable lid with two keys, one basket, and a sturdy, heavy-duty plywood crate for shipping.
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage: Confidence in the product's durability and functionality is demonstrated by a two-year replacement warranty and a remarkable 25-year warranty on the solar module power output.

When it comes to preserving life-saving vaccines, the Vestfrost VLS056 RF SDD is an unmatched storage solution, providing stability, eco-efficiency, and reliability, all in one compact unit.

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