Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator: Next-Gen Eco-Friendly Vaccine Storage Solution

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Introducing the eco-conscious Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator, an excellent solution for vaccine storage. It stands out with:

  • Efficiency: Works expertly within a range of 5°C to 43°C ambient temperature.
  • Capacity: Provides considerable storage of up to 52.5 liters for vaccines.
  • Freeze Protection: Features Grade A freeze protection.

This standalone energy-saving appliance includes a temperature monitoring device, a DC-rated MCB/isolator switch, and a lockable lid. Added bonuses are a two-year replacement warranty and a 25-year power-output guarantee for its integrated solar module.

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Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator: The Eco-friendly Vaccine Storage Solution

Embrace the future of vaccine storage with the Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator, an epitome of innovation and advanced technology. Equipped with a solar power system, the VC50SDD is a standalone unit designed for maintaining optimum storage temperatures, thereby ensuring vaccine efficacy is uncompromised.

Key Features

  • Capacity: Offering a net vaccine storage volume of 52.5 liters, it enables the storage of an extensive variety of vaccines.
  • Optimal function: Performance efficiency persists even in temperatures ranging from 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C, enabling reliable vaccine storage under various climatic conditions.
  • Protection: Features Grade A freeze protection to guarantee secure storage of vaccines.
  • Eco-friendly: Uses R600a refrigerant and integrated solar power system to deliver efficient cooling with a minimized carbon footprint.
  • Temperature monitor: Inbuilt temperature monitoring device ensures optimal temperature maintenance at all times.
  • Safety: Furnished with a DC-rated MCB/isolator switch to prevent potential overloads or short circuits.
  • Security: A lockable lid for added security against unauthorized access keeps vaccines safe.
  • Mobility: Easy to transport and install with a weight of 228kg and a shipping volume of 1.57mu00b3.
  • Warranty: Comes with a two-year replacement warranty and an extended 25-year power output warranty on the solar module.
  • Support: Availability of maintenance kits and spare parts, ensuring ongoing superior performance.

The SDD Refrigerator is the ideal solution for high-demand and specialized storage needs characteristic of health facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. Its unique design and remarkable frost protection keep vaccines safe under all circumstances.

This eco-friendly unit minimizes environmental impact through the integration of a solar power system and the use of the R600a type refrigerant. Not just an eco-conscious choice, this refrigerator is also a cost-effective asset due to its solar-powered operation.

Proactive temperature monitoring ensures the preservation of vaccine quality. Added security is provided by a DC-rated MCB/isolator switch that safeguards against electrical issues, and a lockable lid that prevents unauthorized access. Practical dimensions and weight make for easy transportation and straightforward installation.

Unforeseen issues are effortlessly navigated with a two-year replacement warranty. Confidence in longevity is furthered by a 25-year power output warranty on the solar module. Additionally, readily available maintenance kits and spare parts mean that optimum performance can always be maintained.

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