Dulas VC30SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator - Exceptional Vaccine Storage Solution

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Dulas VC30SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator is a powerful and efficient solution for vaccine storage. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to operate optimally in varying ambient conditions. Key features include:

  • Refrigerant Type: R600a for high efficiency
  • Operating Temperature: 5u00b0C – 43u00b0C, accommodating diverse environments
  • Freeze Protection: Grade A, ensuring secure vaccine preservation
  • Storage Volume: 25.5 liters, equipped with temperature monitoring
  • Additional: DC-rated MCB/isolator switch, lockable lid, multilingual manuals.

Supported by a two-year warranty and shipped securely in wooden crates, this product offers unparalleled performance in vaccine storage requirements

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Dulas VC30SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator: Robust and Dependable Vaccine Storage Solution

With the advent of the Dulas VC30SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator, a new era of innovative robustness and ingenious design has dawned in the realm of vaccine storage. This refrigerator is a standalone appliance, using Solar Direct Drive (SDD) technology, excelling at maintaining the integrity of vaccines by providing precise temperature control and optimum efficiency.

The Dulas VC30SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator has been crafted with a vision of meeting modern-day healthcare sector's operational and functional vaccines storage needs. It can be touted as an indispensable part of the medical infrastructure, owing to its potential in storing vaccines and maintaining their viability with remarkable efficiency.

Key Attributes

  • A simplistic 'Plug and Play' configuration ensures no unnecessary hurdles in its installation and operation.
  • The vaccine storage capacity is an ample 25.5 liters to meet extensive storage needs.
  • R600a, a refrigerant with a lower Global Warming Potential suggests an environmentally-friendly approach.
  • Efficient functioning between an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 43°C ensures viability in diverse climatic conditions.
  • The Grade A Freeze Protection feature ensures the vaccines are safe from freezing temperatures maintaining their potency.
  • An appropriately synchronized Solar Power System is aligned with a variety of varying factors, including the refrigerator’s power consumption and prevalent climatic conditions.
  • High-performance solar panels from Singapore vouch for its quality assurance.

Additional Advantages

  • A 30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger ensures consistent monitoring and recording of temperature, thus preserving vaccine integrity.
  • Security is further enhanced through a DC rated MCB/isolator switch and lockable lids.

Shipping and Warranty Terms

  • The refrigerator comes packed in sturdy export-certified wooden crates, ready for international shipping.
  • A two-year exclusive replacement warranty and a 25-year impressive warranty on solar module power output, brings to light our commitment towards quality and product resilience.

Additional Notes

  • User-friendly manuals in English, French, and Spanish make it a global user-friendly product.
  • Spare parts and toolkits can be provided on demand, ensuring product longevity.
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