Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator: The Superior Vaccine Storage Solution

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The Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator is your superior choice for vaccine storage. Engineered to meet the PQS ref. E003/040 standard, this appliance offers:

  • Storage Capacity: Spacious 132 liters ideal for large quantities of vaccines.
  • Temperature Range: Functions optimally between 5°C and 43°C.
  • Solar Power System: Efficient even in areas with solar radiation of 3.5KWh/m²/24 hours.
  • Temperature Regulation: Fitted with Berlinger Fridge-Tag 2 or 2E for constant, reliable temperatures.
  • Warranty: Two-year replacement for component breakdowns, and 25-year power output for the solar module.
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Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator: The Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

Efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly – that's the Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator for you. Designed to meet the precise cooling needs of vaccines, this refrigerator embodies breakthrough technology and offers an unbeatable solution for vaccine storage. A combination of first-rate features ensures durability, security and optimal preservation.

Key Features of the SDD Refrigerator:

  • Large Storage Capacity: With a net vaccine storage volume of 132 liters, it provides ample space for your vaccine storage needs.
  • Dependable Performance: This refrigerator operates within an ambient temperature range of 5u00b0C - 43u00b0C, delivering consistent and reliable performance.
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: The use of R600a refrigerant makes it an environment-friendly appliance.
  • Superior Freeze Protection: The refrigerator is equipped with Grade A Freeze Protection to prevent freeze damage.
  • Solar Power System: The SDD Refrigerator utilizes state-of-the-art solar power technology to balance its power usage efficiently.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: A 30-day electronic temperature logger helps keep track of storage conditions, with Berlinger FridgeTag 2 or Berlinger FridgeTag 2E available as per your preference.
  • Enhanced Security: The refrigerator features a DC rated MCB/isolator switch, a lockable lid and six baskets for systematic organization.
  • Bilingual Support: User, installation, and technician manuals are available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Assured Warranty: The SDD Refrigerator comes with a two-year replacement warranty on component failure, along with a 25-year warranty on solar module power output.

The Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator is a testament to advanced technology and efficient design, providing an ideal environment for storing vaccines. By employing the power of solar energy, it achieves reliability and superior cooling. Its innovative features, coupled with a focus on environmental sustainability, make this refrigerator a must-have appliance for healthcare setups.

Stay in charge of vaccine temperature regulation with the user-friendly monitoring system. The lockable lid and systematic ordering offered by the six baskets further enhance vaccine security. Additionally, the refrigerator comes with bilingual instructions in English, French and Spanish, offering convenience to users worldwide.

With the Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator, experience worry-free usage, backed by our two-year replacement warranty against any component failure. The 25-year warranty on solar module power output also safeguards your long-term investment.

In essence, the SDD Refrigerator is a combination of design, security and exceptional reliability. It is the ultimate solution tailored to fulfill your vaccine storage needs.

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