Haier HTD-40 E003/086 Solar Direct Drive Freezer: Power-Saving, Reliable, and Eco-Friendly Freezing Solution

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The Haier HTD-40 E003/086 Solar Direct Drive Freezer proffers a reliable and energy-saving refrigeration solution to businesses. It’s capable of performing efficiently even in 43℃ hot conditions and mitigates carbon footprints making it eco-friendly.

  • Freezing Capability: Freezes maximum 2.4 kg water-packs/24 hours
  • Storage Space: Holds up to 20 kg products
  • Functionalities: Equipped with a cabinet-mounted electronic thermometer, power switch, and a safety lid lock

Pledging a 2-year warranty against component defects and 25-year solar module power output warranty.

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Reliable Haier HTD-40 E003/086 Solar Direct Drive Freezer: Your Power-Saving Freezing Solution

Experience superior freezing capacity and environmental responsibility with the Haier HTD-40 E003/086 Solar Direct Drive Freezer. This stand-alone system is the embodiment of high performance and durability, perfect for multiple applications.

High-Capacity Freezing

With a water-pack freezing capacity of 2.4 kg within 24 hours and a storage capacity of 20 kg, this freezer accommodates and preserves a significant volume of goods with utmost efficiency. Capable of operating under an ambient temperature of max 43°C, it's apt for a variety of climates.

Eco-Friendly Cooling

We prioritize sustainability, just like you; that's why this solar-powered freezer uses R600a refrigerant, minimizing the environmental impact while delivering efficient cooling. It aligns its energy consumption with a solar power system, making it eco-friendlier. The solar radiation source reference is 3.5KWh/m2/24 hrs.

Packed with Modern Features

Abiding by the PQS specification E006/TH06 WHO/PQS/E006/TR03, this freezer offers an electronic thermometer mounted on the cabinet for easy temperature tracking. It is further equipped with an ON/OFF power switch for straightforward power control and 10 fuses to prevent electrical mishaps, ensuring safety.

Produces Organized and Secure Storage

With a lockable lid provided with 2 keys, security is enhanced. Its organization is a breeze with two included baskets. Moreover, it is shipped in durable packaging materials, including a robust wooden pallet carton and quality plywood for the solar system, securing the product during transportation.

Warranty Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year replacement warranty covering any failure due to faulty design, material, or workmanship. Additionally, there's a separate 25-year warranty covering the solar module's power output, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Support Materials and Easy Installation

Packed with user-friendly materials in French and Spanish, this freezer is designed for easy usage and installation. Customers may also inquire about the solar panel's country of origin, if necessary, acknowledging transparency in our services.

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