Solar Direct Drive Freezer TFW40SDD - Efficient Off-Grid Freezing Solution

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Discover unprecedented off-grid freezing with Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Freezer TFW40SDD, perfect for medical and research units. Unleash the power of sun for all your freezing requirements.

  • Exceptional everyday freezing ability of 2.16 kg, and a notable storage space of 11.24 kg.
  • Integrated Solar Power System ensures constant and reliable operation.
  • Uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R600a, enabling peak cooling performance.
  • Comes with convenient features like the ON/OFF power switch, 10 inbuilt fuses, robust lid with a lock, and a compass.

Choose the Solar Driven Freezer TFW40SDD for a solar-charged, unsurpassed freezing solution.

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The Solar Direct Drive Freezer TFW40SDD, an Efficient Off-Grid Freezing Solution, is designed keeping in mind the diverse climatic conditions. This standalone freezer is a trustworthy and high performing freezer combing superior engineering with a comprehensive set of features making it ideal for off-grid freezing and storage needs.

The freezer boasts an impressive water-pack freezing capacity of 2.16 kg per day and a storage capacity of 11.24 kg. Hence, you can freeze and securely store a substantial quantity of goods. Its usage of the eco-friendly R600a refrigerant ensures not just superior performance but also aligns with international environmental standards.

Along with its efficient freezing capabilities, the Solar Power System that comes with the freezer assures that power consumption gets effectively managed. The power system manifests the freezer's holistic energy conservation approach suitable for various climates and temperatures. Features like an easily accessible ON/OFF power switch help in conveniently isolating the freezer from the solar power system.

One of the prominent features includes conveniently available 10 fuses of each type ready for immediate replacement. The freezer includes a lid with a lock for secure storage with two keys for your convenience. Also, the package includes a compass and a specially designed rack for organized icepack storage.

You receive comprehensive guidance through User, Installation, and Technician's manuals available in English, French, and Spanish, easing the usage of the product.

Packed securely on a wooden pallet and cardboard, the freezer weighs around 245 kg with a volume of 1.57 m³ making it ideal for safe transportation. The freezer also comes with a two-year replacement warranty along with a power output warranty for the solar module that extends up to 25 years to 80% of the initial rating.

Multilingual user instructions and ice-pack storage advice are available on a label mounted on the cabinet lid. Additional language manuals, spare parts, and maintenance tool kits can be provided upon request. Invest in this efficient freezing solution and ensure worry-free service for a long time.

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