SD Bioline Malaria Pf/Pv Test Kit: Rapid & Accurate Diagnostic Solution

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SD Bioline Malaria Pf/Pv Test Kit is a top-tier malaria diagnostic solution that brings convenience to clinical testing. It employs lateral flow technology for efficacious detection of HRP2 (Pf) and pLDH (Pv) in blood specimens, producing results in just 15 minutes.

  • Efficient Malaria Diagnostics: Identifies HRP2 (Pf) and pLDH (Pv)
  • Swift Diagnostic Results: Provides outcomes within 15 minutes
  • All-Inclusive Test Kit: Includes cassettes, assay diluent, transfer devices, alcohol swabs, and lancets
  • Long Shelf Life: Has a lifespan of 24 months
  • Convenient Storage: Preserve between temperatures 1-40°C
  • Portable: Weighs 0.31Kg and occupies 0.0013 m³

An accurate diagnostic tool that brings speed and reliability to immediate malaria testing.

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SD Bioline Malaria Pf/Pv Test Kit: The Ultimate Rapid & Accurate Malaria Diagnostic Solution

Malaria, recognized as one of the planet's deadliest diseases, necessitates proactive and accurate diagnoses for prevention and management. SD Bioline Malaria Pf/Pv Test Kit emerges as the optimal answer to this worldwide health issue. The kit designed to offer immediate results aids in swift identification and apt disease treatment, significantly reducing Malaria’s repercussions.

  • Innovative Immuno-chromatographic Technology: The kit employs a unique lateral immuno-chromatographic test mechanism. It ensures precise results of top-notch accuracy within a mere 15-minute time span.
  • Minimal Sample Requirement: Neatly operational on a meager blood volume of 5µl, the test process places patient comfort at the core of its design.
  • Highly Reliable and Accurate: It assures an impressive detection rate of 92.0% for lower P. falciparum parasitemia and 94.3% for P. vivax parasitemia, cementing its capability for dependable performance.
  • Detailed Kit Components: The kit contains 25 test cassettes, 25 specimen transfer devices of 5µl volume, a 5ml Assay diluent bottle, 25 alcohol swabs, and 25 non-safety sterile lancets. Comprehensive user instructions accompany the package, simplifying test administration.
  • Flexible Storage And Long Shelf Life: The ingredients in the kit are freeze-resistant and boast a substantial shelf life of 24 months from production. It endures a myriad of storage conditions, withstanding temperatures from 1 - 40°C, keeping clear of direct sunlight and humidity.
  • Compact And Portable: Each kit, weighing around 0.31 kg and measuring a mere 0.0013 m³, prioritizes portability and storage efficiency.

SD Bioline Malaria Pf/Pv Test Kit embodies a comprehensive and pragmatic answer to the urgent requirement for quick and accurate malaria diagnosis. Equipped with top-tier technology, this Malaria diagnostic kit facilitates rapid decisions and treatments, contributing significantly towards early disease management and enhanced patient care.

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