SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit: High Precision Rapid HIV Detection Solution

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SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit: Comprehensive and Rapid HIV Detection Solution

  • Technology: This kit utilises advanced immunochromatographic assay technology to detect all acknowledged strains of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies, inclusive of subtype-O.
  • Performance & Usage: Provides reliable readouts with 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity in just 10 minutes following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Kit Components: Includes lateral flow cassettes, assay diluent, blood collection instruments, lancets, alcohol swabs, and comprehensive user guidelines.
  • Storage Stability: Maintains efficiency when stored within 1-30u00b0C, having a shelf life of 24 months from production.
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SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit: An Unparalleled Rapid HIV Detection Tool

Forefront of innovation and accuracy, the SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit is a comprehensive solution for your HIV detection practice. Leveraging leading-edge immunochromatographic assay technology, this kit guarantees precision and broad-spectrum detection of HIV, irrespective of its isotypes.

Essential Features of SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit

  • Effectively detects antibodies exclusive to all isotypes of HIV-1, including subtype-O, and HIV-2 simultaneously.
  • Lateral flow cassette format ensures easy detection along with clear interpretation.
  • Admirably versatile, it can process various sample types such as whole blood, serum, and plasma.
  • Astonishing sensitivity of 100% makes certain no positive cases are missed.
  • Notably high 99.8% specificity helps in reducing false positives, thereby ensuring precision.
  • Training efficiency with quick results, often within 10 - 20 minutes.
  • Perfect tool for fast-paced environments like labs and institutions due to its user-friendly nature.
  • Each kit is inclusive of 25 tests.
  • 24-month shelf life enhances inventory stability.

The SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit is a robust solution for organizations aiming to improve their HIV detection process. With its easy-to-use design and highly accurate results, it is the perfect fit for high-traffic settings like labs and institutions. The kit also offers a sense of assurance in identifying every HIV positive case, thereby ensuring the safety of everyone while increasing operational efficiency.

Included in the kit are 25 individually foil pouches containing cassettes with a desiccant, assay diluent, specimen blood collection, lancets, alcohol swabs, and easy-to-follow instructions. These elements contribute to a simple, accurate, and quick HIV detection process. Owing to the kit's 24-month shelf life, users can confidently operate it while maintaining optimal levels of inventory.

Equip yourself with the SD Bioline HIV 1/2, 3.0 Kit and witness a revolution in HIV detection, marked by ease, efficiency, and precision.

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