Premium U-PVC Screen Pipe 125mm ND – Top-tier Borehole Installation Solution

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The Premium U-PVC Screen Pipe with 125mm Nominal Diameter offers a top-tier solution for borehole installations. This product is:



  • Optimized for boreholes up to 120m deep with a nominal diameter of 125mm.
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  • Customizable in slot sizes – 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm – for an adaptable water flow control.
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  • Manufactured from U-PVC, a chemically resistant and non-corrosive material that ensures long-lasting performance.
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Perfect for reliable groundwater extraction, this chemically resistant, non-corroding pipe guarantees longevity and efficacy.

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Premium U-PVC Screen Pipe 125mm ND – The Ultimate Borehole Installation Solution

Empower your borehole installations with our Premium U-PVC Screen Pipe! Optimized for deep-reaching versatility, this pipe raises the bar with its 125mm nominal diameter and impressive 2.9-meter length. With its solid construction and conformance to international standards, it's built to outlast, outperform, and surpass comparatives in the marketplace.

Quality and Compliance:

Exceeding DIN 4925/8061 or equivalent global standards, the U-PVC Screen pipe stands as the hallmark of trustworthy, high-quality installations. Serving up an unmatched combination of durability and performance, our pipe suits myriad applications with ease.

Remarkable Features:

  • Built from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (U-PVC) that boosts longevity and combats corrosion effectively.
  • Designed with a Nominal Diameter (ND) of 125mm, facilitating an array of borehole installations.
  • A standout length of 2.9 meters underpins maximum usability.
  • User-friendly male/female trapezoidal threads guarantee a convenient installation process.
  • Offers slot size customization to cater to unique project needs.

Shipping & Packaging:

Every pipe is securely housed in a 20-foot ISO container for bulk shipping, ensuring smooth, undamaged delivery. Modifiable shipping specifications are also offered to meet unique customer demands.

Additional Components:

Supplement your installation process with our optional add-on tools such as sand trap pipes, centralizers, hoisting tools, clamps, and PVC plugs.


The U-PVC Screen Pipe excels in borehole screenings where it brings superior efficiency and reliability to the table.

Points of Interest:

  • For streamlined gravel distribution, we recommend opting for flush joint pipes.
  • The outer diameter of 125mm ND pipes equipped with a bell socket is 147mm.

Invest in our Premium U-PVC Screen Pipe today and unlock an enhanced borehole installation experience!

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