High-Quality Durable U-PVC Screen Pipe for Deep Borehole Applications

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Durable U-PVC Screen Pipe for Deep Borehole Applications

  • Superior Quality: Fabricated from premium U-PVC material, ensuring remarkable durability and dependability.
  • Suitable Dimensions: Features a nominal diameter of 100mm (OD 113mm, ID 103mm, WT 5mm), meeting diverse requirements.
  • Borehole Compatibility: Excels in borehole installations of up to 120m depth.
  • Sleek Design: Offers 2.9m length, complimented by a seamless flush joint design.
  • Efficient Thread System: Incorporates male/female trapezoidal threads to facilitate easy connections.
  • Customizable Slots: Provides slot options of 0.5mm, 0.75mm, or 1mm for flexible usage.
  • Global Standard Compliance: Aligns with the DIN 4925/8061 norms or corresponding international standards.
  • Borehole-Specific Applications: Ideally devised for screening operations in boreholes.
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Durable U-PVC Screen Pipe for Deep Borehole Applications

The Durable U-PVC Screen Pipe for Deep Borehole Applications is an expertly engineered water well construction component tailored for deep installation applications. Boasting high-grade U-PVC material, this pipe combines unflinching durability with high-level adaptability, making it an invaluable solution for sophisticated borehole projects.

  • High-grade U-PVC material guarantees longevity and reliability. The pipe's resiliency and robustness makes it expertly suited to ensure optimal performance in demanding borehole applications.
  • The pipe is of nominal diameter 100mm, OD 113mm, ID 103mm, and WT 5mm, showcasing its strength and compatibility with diverse project requirements.
  • Compliant with international standards such as DIN 4925/8061, our U-PVC Screen Pipe promises unsurpassed quality in design and construction practices.
  • The pipe carries a length of 2.9m, making it ideal for deep installation. The flush joint design ensures effortless and robust assembly.
  • A unique attribute of our U-PVC Screen Pipe is the adjustable slot size that can range from 0.5mm to 1mm depending on your project requirement.
  • The pipe can be complemented with separately ordered accessories such as sand trap pipe, centralizer, hoisting tool, clamp, and a PVC plug.
  • To facilitate efficient logistics, our U-PVC Screen Pipe is bulk packed in ISO 20-ft container loads; a container may carry up to 900 pipes. The use of flush joint pipes are recommended for effective packaging and better distribution.

Our Durable U-PVC Screen Pipe for Deep Borehole Applications exemplifies engineering brilliance and thoughtful design, ensuring max utility and top-grade performance for your construction needs. Order yours today for a solution that delivers on promise and performance.

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