Premium Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop with Sharp Blade for Precision Surgical Procedures

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High-Quality Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop with Sharp Blade

  • Usage: Optimized for removal of retained uterine products, providing a high level of medical precision.
  • Design: Constructed with a rigid shank type, featuring a oval spoon blade with sharp edges for effective, precise operations.
  • Dimensions: With a shaft length of 25cm and spoon width of 12mm, it guarantees perfect maneuverability.
  • Packaging: Securely packed individually in a plastic bag, with each box containing ten (10) scoops for complete organization and hygiene.
  • Maintenance: Must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and steam sterilized after every surgical session to maintain sterile conditions.
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High-Quality Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop with Sharp Blade

The Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop with Sharp Blade is a premium surgical tool designed for precision, durability, and efficiency. This instrument is meticulously crafted for optimal performance in demanding medical environments, particularly for applications involving the uterus. As a constituent of the Surg. inst., curettage /SET (S9910002), the Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop underscores its vital role in healthcare operations.

Premium Construction

Built from an exceptional Martensitic steel alloy with a composition of 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, the Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop exhibits tremendous strength and longevity. The material employed for its construction ensures reduced maintenance and reliable functionality.

Expert Design

The scoop features an expertly crafted structure with a rigid shank and an oval-edged spoon blade. Specifically designed for precision, the sharp-edged blade ensures safe and successful medical procedures. With an adequately dimensioned shaft length of 25cm and a spoon width of 12mm, this tool is tailor-made for its intended purpose.

Applications and Maintenance

The primary application of the Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop involves the removal of retained products of conception from the uterus. Post-use, the instrument requires proper cleaning and disinfection. To maintain optimum hygiene and functionality, it is recommended that the scoop be sterilised using a steam steriliser.


Each packaging contains one Simon 12mm Uterine Scoop, encased in a secure plastic bag to retain sterility. Secondary packaging includes ten individual packs, thereby ensuring ample stock for sustained clinical usage.

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