Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm | Precision-Based Surgical Dissection Scissors

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Metzenbaum Scissors – 140mm, Curved and Blunt/Blunt Design

  • Construction: Manufactured from corrosion-resistant martensitic steel containing 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium, ensuring supreme quality and durability.
  • Design: Curved and blunt/blunt design offering precision in surgical dissections with minimized tissue damage.
  • User-friendly: Designed for a comfortable grip and optimal performance with a standard length of 14cm, helps to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Sterility: Provided in individual packaging to maintain sterility, with ten (10) scissors per secondary packaging.
  • Maintenance: Need proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization after each use for safety and infection prevention.
  • Versatility: An essential element of our Basic Surgery Instrument Set, suitable for various surgical procedures.
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Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm | High-Quality Surgical Dissection Scissors

Our Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm are specifically designed for precise surgical dissections, ensuring professional-grade performance. Forged with surgical-grade, martensitic steel composition of 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium, these surgical scissors endow long-lasting durability, perfect for repeated use in a medical setting.

The instrument's unique design - curved, with blunt end blades - primes it for the best possible patient outcomes. At 14cm in length, the scissors are the perfect size for easy maneuvering whilst maintaining exceptional safety standards.

  • Industrial-grade stainless steel composition: 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium
  • Curved design with blunt/blunt blades for safe, precise cuts
  • 14cm length - perfect for efficient maneuverability
  • Weighs only 0.035kg, making it easy to handle and reduce hand fatigue
  • Compact with a volume of 0.057cdm

Each pair of Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm is individually packaged in a sterile plastic bag, maintaining ultimate cleanliness. They are boxed in tens for convenient shipping and storage. Clear, detailed labels make managing inventory and usage simple.

  • Primary packaging: Each scissors comes in a sterile plastic bag
  • Secondary packaging: Ten sets per box for shipping and storage ease
  • Labels clearly showing manufacturer details, product type, and characteristics for easy inventory management

Mandatory after-use care extends the longevity of the Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm. After each procedure, the scissors must be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized to continue providing efficient and safe usage. It easily integrates with other surgical instruments in our Basic Surgery Instrument Set (S9910001).

  • Compatible with Basic Surgery Instrument Set (S9910001) for versatile use

Invest in our Metzenbaum Scissors - 140mm for your medical institution and harness the precision of this vital surgical instrument. Imperative for facilitating successful operations, these scissors provide reliability, precision, and efficiency with each use.

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