Mayo Scissors 230mm - Premium Surgical Tools for Unmatched Precision and Safety

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Mayo Scissors 230mm – Premium Surgical Tools for Precision and Safety

Enhance operational precision with our Mayo Scissors. This 230mm surgical tool ensures safe and meticulous cutting, attributed to its unique design featuring curved, blunt ends. Crafted from robust Martensitic steel, its longevity is a certainty.

  • Type: Operating, dissecting scissors designed for efficacy
  • Design: Uniquely shaped with curved, blunt tips for heightened safety
  • Length: 230mm dimension, perfect for surgical tasks
  • Material: Durability guaranteed with robust Martensitic Steel
  • Composition: Formulated with 0.40% Carbon and 14% Chromium for supreme longevity
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Experience Unmatched Precision and Safety with Mayo Scissors 230mm – Premium Surgical Tools

Our Mayo Scissors 230mm are a quintessential part of modern surgical procedures, meticulously designed to deliver an unerring level of accuracy and safety. They are a precise and reliable choice for various surgical applications. Known for their distinctive curved design and blunt ends, the Mayo Scissors provide maximum safety, practically eliminating the risks of accidental injuries during complex surgical operations.

Superior Ergonomics

Our Mayo Scissors measure 230mm in length, an optimal size for comfortable handling and maneuverability during procedures. The ergonomics of these scissors ensure surgeons can achieve high precision cuts, promoting overall operative efficiency.

Quality Construction for Durable Performance

The Mayo Scissors are crafted from premium quenched martensitic steel, an alloy celebrated for its exceptional strength and longevity. This material comprises 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium, conferring unmatched hardness, robustness, and corrosion resistance.

  • Surgical tool type: Operating, dissecting scissors
  • Design: Curved with blunt ends
  • Length: 230mm (23cm)
  • Material: Premium quenched martensitic steel
  • Steel composition: 0.40% carbon, 14% chromium
  • Weight: 0.100kg
  • Volume: 0.086 cubic decimeters

Seamlessly Integrated into Surgical Tools Set

As part of our Surgical Instrument Set (product code: S9910000) designed for abdominal procedures, Mayo Scissors seamlessly integrates with other tools to ensure a smooth surgical experience. Each scissors unit is separately packaged to maintain sterility, preventing cross-contamination during transport. To extend the life of these scissors, we recommend cleaning, disinfecting, and steam sterilizing after each use.

Trust our Mayo Scissors 230mm for profound precision and safety in all your surgical applications.

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