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Surgical-Grade Premium Mayo Scissors 170mm – Curved, Blunt-End Design is an essential tool in various surgical procedures. Its manufacturing from 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium martensitic steel ensures durability and precise functionality. The design features:

  • Size: 170mm
  • Design: Curved, offering ease in handling with blunt ends
  • Application: versatile usage in operations, dissection, and specific surgical sets
  • Weight and volume: 0.070kg and 0.100cdm each, promoting easy storage
  • Maintenance: Simple cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization protocol

With their robust build and versatile application, these scissors are a must-have in every surgical tool set.

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Proudly announcing the superior Surgical-Grade Premium Mayo Scissors 170mm – Curved, Blunt-End Design, a perfect blend of technology and medical expertise, ensured to improve effiency in medical procedures. These scissors, measuring a balanced length of 170mm, embody a curved style that comes with blunt ends, facilitating the medical procedure while minimizing the possible tissue damage.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for surgical procedures, enabling effective and efficient dissection
  • Curved design equipped with blunt-end blades guarantees precise cutting and lowers any risk of tissue harm
  • Balanced length of 17cm, giving a comfortable grip and exceptional control
  • Fabricated with high-quality Martensitic steel comprised of 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium, ensures exceptional endurance
  • Perfect for cutting threads, dressings and common usage


  • Weighing 0.070 kg for easy handling and maneuverability during operation
  • Space-efficient with volume of just 0.100 cubic decimeters for convenient storage


  • Primary packaging consists of a single use plastic bag containing one pair of scissors
  • Secondary packaging provides additional safety, encasing ten scissors within a box


  • After each use, it's recommended to clean and disinfect the scissor. Steam sterilization ensures optimal cleanliness for further use


  • Can be incorporated with Surgical Instruments, specifically - Abdominal SET
  • May also be integrated into Surgical Instruments, for instance - Examination/Suture Vaginal/Cervical SET

Our Surgical-Grade Premium Mayo Scissors are the epitome of medical effiency and safety, making them an essential investment for any medical facility.

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