Gynecological Blunt-End Scissors | Super Precision | Long-lasting Durability

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Gynecological Blunt-End Scissors by Precision Surgical Tool are an essential, reliable instrument for delicate gynecological procedures. Key features include:

  • Specially crafted for gynecological use, maximizing efficiency and patient safety.
  • Curved, blunt ends that ensure precision and prevent accidental injury.
  • Ideal for intricate procedures like episiotomy and fetal decapitation.
  • Proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization required after each use, guaranteeing reusable functionality.
  • Each surgical scissor is individually packaged in a plastic bag with ten units per box, ensuring product integrity.
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Gynecological Blunt-End Scissors: The Pinnacle of Precision Surgical Tools

A shining star in the gynecological sphere, the Gynecological Blunt-End Scissors stand out for their safety, reliability, and precision. Made from high-quality Martensitic steel, these 200 mm scissors offer an outstanding blend of strength and corrosion resistance, underlining their superior durability.

A Cut Above the Rest

The strategic combination of 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium in these scissors' construction results in a sturdy instrument that withstands wear and corrosion, providing consistent peak performance across countless procedures.

Safety Meets Precision

Their defining characteristic, the curved and blunt-end blades, exhibit the perfect balance for safe and precise cuts. This innovative design mitigates damage to surrounding tissues during gynecological procedures, further upholding the pillars of safety and accuracy in surgery.

Key Applications

From episiotomies to fetal decapitations in non-viable pregnancies, Gynecological Blunt-End Scissors are indispensable. Featured in both the Delivery Surgical Instrument Set and the Embryotomy Surgical Instrument Set, they play a crucial role in delivering the highest level of patient care.

Maintenance for Longevity

Given the critical role they play, maintaining these scissors in top-notch condition is essential. Regular cleaning, disinfection, and proper sterilization ensure the instrument's longevity and safeguard patients' health during treatment.

Secure and Convenient Packaging

Every Gynecological Scissors unit is individually packed in a plastic bag for safety, with secondary packaging of ten units per box. This secure packaging promises safe delivery and optimal product integrity upon arrival.

Control in Your Hands

Our Gynecological Scissors are designed for easy handling, with a lightweight and compact design weighing only 0.085kg to ensure perfect control during procedures, leading to precise cuts every time.

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