Deaver Surgical Scissors: Precision & Versatility in Surgical Operations

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Enhance surgical efficiency with Deaver Surgical Scissors. Built for precision and durability, these curved 140mm scissors feature a unique sharp/blunt blade combination. Made from superior Martensitic steel (0.40% carbon; 14% chromium), these scissors are designed to last. They weigh approximately 0.052kg each and are vital part of the comprehensive Suture Set (code: S9910004). Each package contains 10 single-use surgical scissors individually wrapped for sterilization and enclosed in a box for simple distribution.

  • Durable Deaver Surgical Scissors for precision surgeries
  • Unique Sharp/Blunt Blade Combination for optimal performance
  • Made of Martensitic Steel to ensure longevity
  • Essential part of Suture Set (code: S9910004)
  • Package includes 10 single-use surgical scissors for convenience
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Deaver Surgical Scissors: Unmatched Precision and Versatility in Surgical Operations

Exemplifying a profound fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and medical aspiration, the Deaver Surgical Scissors are the quintessential surgical tool. Instilled with optimal performance characteristics and unparalleled versatility, these scissors stand at the forefront of modern surgical amenity.

Beyond its streamlined and ergonomic design, the material construction of these scissors is testament to the expert engineering applied in their formation. Martensitic steel - enhanced with significant elemental percentages of 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium - formulates the robust construction. The result is a tool possessing unrivaled longevity, steadfast strength, and high corrosion resistance, even in challenging surgical settings.

  • Operational Versatility: The Deaver Surgical Scissors feature a pointed and blunt blade at each end, promoting exceptional operational flexibility.
  • Superior Material Construction: Crafted from Martensitic Steel with high carbon and chromium content, these scissors are impeccably durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • Perfect Sizing: With an overall length of 140mm, an estimated weight of 0.052kg, these scissors ensure superb handling and balance, facilitating improved precision and control during operations.
  • Maximum Safety: Encased in single-use plastic bags, with additional packaging providing sets of 10, the scissors come with evident instructions for storage and handling to give priority to operator safety.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Part of a comprehensive surgical instrument suture kit (S9910004), these scissors add significant value, versatility and flexibility to your surgical arsenal.

Experience a paradigm shift in surgical precision, performance, and versatility with our Deaver Surgical Scissors, molded and optimized for cutting-edge surgical applications.

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