Scalpel Handle No.4: Unmatched Precision & Durability for Successful Surgeries

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Scalpel Handle No.4: Precision, Control & Durability for Successful Surgeries

An indispensable surgical instrument, the Scalpel Handle No.4 is adept for exact incisions with optimal control. Made from non-magnetic, non-quenched Austenitic steel, the handle measures approximately 13.5cm and pairs efficiently with the No. 22 Scalpel Blade (Product Code: S0746510). Key features include:

  • Weight: 0.030kg
  • Volume: 0.022cdm
  • Packaging: Comes individually packed and appropriately labelled to ensure safety
  • Cleaning: Requires disinfection and steam sterilization post-use

Incorporated in essential surgical kits like Abdominal, Basic Surgery, and Suture kits (Product Codes: S9910000, S9910001, S9910004).

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Experience Surgical Precision with Scalpel Handle No.4: A Top-Tier Surgical Tool

The Scalpel Handle No.4 stands as an exemplar of precision-engineered medical equipment, offering unparalleled control and stability. Crafted from rugged, durable austenitic steel, this reliable tool delivers exceptional performance, meticulous control and enhanced durability for surgeons across the globe.

Why Choose the Scalpel Handle No.4?

The Scalpel Handle No.4 offers a range of features designed specifically for the challenges of modern medicine:

  • An optimal length of 13.5cm maximizes reach and control during surgical procedures.
  • The use of austenitic steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • The compatibility with versatile Scalpel Blade No. 22 guarantees precision with each incision.
  • The meticulous sterilization process before packaging guarantees hygiene and safety from the moment of unboxing.
  • The Scalpel Handle's design ensures thorough and efficient sterilization post-procedure.

Seamless Usage, Unmatched Safety

To ensure safety and hygiene, the Scalpel Handle No.4 is designed to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized using a steam sterilizer after usage, maintaining its performance and hygiene.

Versatility in Application

As an essential part of several surgical kits like Abdominal Surgical Instruments kit, Basic Surgery Surgical Instruments kit, and Suture Surgical Instruments kit, the Scalpel Handle No.4 is wildly versatile and adaptable for a multitude of surgical processes.

Surgeons demanding superior performance, durability, and safety in their operating theatres will find the Scalpel Handle No.4 meeting and exceeding their requirements. This surgical tool combines the preciseness of top-tier engineering, the durability of austenitic steel, and the stringent safety measures needed in today's medical field.

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