Scalpel Handle No.3 | Surgical Precision, Durability & Hygiene

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Scalpel Handle No.3 | High-Precision Surgical Incision Instrument | Durable, Versatile, and Hygienic

  • Approximately 13.5cm in length, providing optimal grip and precision during surgical applications
  • Interchangeable blade system, offering adaptability for various surgical needs
  • Designed for compatibility with blade nos. 10 and 11, ensuring precision and reliability during use
  • Engineered for easy sterilization and cleaning, prioritizing sanitary standards in medical environments
  • Reliability assured, perfect for intricate surgical procedures where absolute precision is a must
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Scalpel Handle No.3 | Elite Surgical Incision Tool That Assures Hygiene & Durability

Introducing the Scalpel Handle No.3, your definitive tool for precision surgical incisions. Carefully engineered with top-tier, non-quenched, non-magnetic austenitic steel, this surgical tool ensures unmatched durability and longevity.

The handle, approximately 13.5cm in length, guarantees optimal grip during crucial surgical procedures. It has been finely fashioned to accommodate No.10 and No.11 blades, boasting an interchangeable blade system that enhances its flexibility across different surgical scenarios.

Recognizing the importance of hygiene in clinical settings, the Scalpel Handle No.3 has been designed to be effortless to clean and sterilize. You can easily rid it of contaminants and sterilize it in a steam sterilizer, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

Exemplary features:

13.5cm length that offers secure grip
  • Interchangeable blade system for adaptability
  • Compatibility with no.10 and no.11 blades
  • Easy sterilization for hygiene assurance
  • Our packaging is intelligently designed to ensure the safe handling, accessibility, and proper use of the scalpels. Individual scalpels are packaged in plastic bags, with every ten packed together in a sturdy box. The packaging also features clear and comprehensive labelling that includes instructions for handling.

    Packaging specifics:

    • Individual scalpel packaged in a plastic bag
    • Set of ten scalpels boxed together
    • Detailed labelling inclusive of handling instructions

    With an estimated weight of only 0.025kg and a volume of 0.018cdm, the Scalpel Handle No.3 is lightweight and durable. It is designed for compatibility with separately ordered disposable blades, offering added convenience for uninterrupted surgical procedures.

    Choose Scalpel Handle No.3 for impeccable precision in surgical incisions.

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