Premium Sterile Disposable Scalpel Blade No. 22 - Martensitic Steel for Unmatched Sharpness

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Premium Sterile Disposable Scalpel Blade No. 22 – Enhanced Sharpness with Martensitic Steel

Our No. 22 Sterile, Disposable Scalpel Blade delivers precision and enduring sharpness, ideal for surgical exigencies. Crafted from Martensitic steel (50-58 HRC), it ensures performance efficiency and safety.

  • Designed for precise cuts and punctures
  • Compatible with Scalpel handle No. 4
  • Individually sterile packed, ethylene oxide gas sterilized

A component of various First Aid and Obstetric Surgical kits, it guarantees unmatched surgical efficiency. Remember to use gloves and dispose of used blades safely.

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Experience surgical precision like never before with our Premium Sterile Disposable Scalpel Blade No. 22. Manufactured from top-tier Martensitic steel, known for its distinguished blend of 0.40% carbon and 14% chromium, the blade delivers unmatched durability, lasting sharpness and superior cutting performance.

Unrivaled Blade Quality:

  • High-Carbon Martensitic Steel: This robust blade provides exceptional hardness, courtesy of its unique high-carbon, high-chromium composition. The impressive material properties lead to prolonged sharpness and excellent durability.
  • Excels in Hardness: The blades are hardened from 50 to 58HRC, ensuring superior sharpness retention for extended usage.

Sterile & Safe:

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: We trust Ethylene Oxide gas for sterilizing every blade, known for exterminating all types of microorganisms and spores, resulting in a completely sterile tool.
  • Singe-Use & Sterile: The individual packaging and single-use design ensure absolute sterility till the moment the pack is opened. Post-use, blade disposal is completely safe when placed in sealed containers.

Convenience & Compatibility:

  • Designed For No. 4 Scalpel Handle: The blades are expertly designed to fit the No. 4 Scalpel Handle, promising a steady, secure scalpel assembly for ultra-precise cuts.
  • Highly-functional packaging: Each sterilized blade comes in a peel pack making it ready for immediate use. A single box holds 100 such peel packs, ensuring a rich stock of high-reliability scalpels.

Usage & Safety Guidelines:

These blades are specifically designed for surgical incisions, exclusively for Scalpel Handle No. 4 (to be purchased separately). It's essential to wear surgical gloves while handling the blade. Save the blade from extreme temperatures and humidity. Prioritize checking the integrity of every single blade before usage. Always use caution while disposing of used blades in sealed containers to avoid physical injuries.

Kit Inclusion:

The Premium Scalpel Blade No. 22 is an important component of various kits such as First Aid Kit A, Midwifery Kit 3-renewable, Obstetric Surgical Kit suppl. 3-renewable, and IEHK2006 Kit suppl. 3-renewable.

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