High-Capacity Electronic 'Mother/Child Weighing Solution' Scalable to 250Kg - Solar, Battery, Mains Power

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Portable Mother/Child High-Capacity Weighing Scale – Extremely Durable and Versatile

  • Introducing a state-of-the-art Mother-Child Weighing System specifically designed for on-field health workers.
  • Boasts a phenomenal 250 Kg capacity and a precise measure of 100g increments.
  • Diverse power sources include AA batteries, solar power, and mains, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
  • Unique Mother-Child mode for hassle-free weighing.
  • Energy-efficient automatic turn-off feature, active after 4-6 minutes of inactivity.
  • Highly visible back-lit LCD, perfect for low light conditions.
  • Featherlight weight of 4.0 kg, allows for effortless portability and durability across various climate conditions.

Rest assured with a 2-year warranty and a lifespan of 5 years minimum. Package contains comprehensive instruction manuals in four languages, multi-country plugs, a splash-proof bag, and a solar panel.

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The 'Scale Mother/Child Weighing Solution - 250kg Capacity - Battery, Mains, Solar' is a ground-breaking electronic scale precisely engineered for effortless weighing of adults and children. It embodies the perfect blend of precision, convenience, and adaptability, delivering precise measurements down to 100g and supporting a whopping 250kg maximum weight. The scaled-down weight of approx 4 kilograms emphasizes its portability, making it a fitting companion for healthcare professionals in varied settings.

  • Precision: Boasts an impressive accuracy of 100g, offering reliable results every time you weigh.
  • Resilience: Crafted to resist varied climatic conditions, withstanding corrosion and water damage, and maintaining its performance even after a year of storage.
  • Portability: With an overall weight of just 4kg, it offers unparalleled portability for continuous on-field use.
  • Child-friendly Mode: Features a unique mother-child mode, allowing a child's weight to be identified while in an adult's arms, ensuring child safety and comfort.
  • Energy Efficient: The scale powers down automatically after 4 to 6 minutes of inactivity, maximizing battery life and promoting energy conservation.
  • User-friendly Display: Includes a back-lit LCD for easy low light reading and an anti-glare screen for bright conditions, providing clear measurements in any lighting condition.

The package comes with comprehensive instructions for use, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting in four languages, a weather-resistant carry bag, multi-country plugs, and a solar panel. It further offers a 2-year warranty and a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 5 years, offering a steadfast and durable weighing solution.

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