Superior UPVC Sand Trap Pipe - 125mm x 1m: Ultimate Borehole Solution

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This is a premium UPVC Sand Trap Pipe, dimensioned at 125mm x 1m for optimal functionality in borehole deployments. Top-tier features include:

  • Material: High-quality UPVC as per global standards
  • Essential Extras: Includes a bottom plug for full usage
  • Reach: Suitable for installation at up to 120 metres deep
  • Size: Standard 125mm diameter ensures precise fitting and seamless operation
  • Additional Components: Complementary UPVC casing pipes, screens and bottom plugs available

Recognized for exceptional performance and durability, it serves as an efficient solution for all borehole requirements.

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Superior UPVC Sand Trap Pipe - 125mm x 1m | Efficient Borehole Solution

Meticulously designed for superior functionalities in borehole projects, the UPVC Sand Trap Pipe - 125mm x 1m is the premium solution for all your sand trapping needs. Crafted using top-notch UPVC material, this pipe exudes resilience and longevity, ensuring efficient sand trapping for your borehole projects.

Key Features:

  • Specially engineered with a bottom plug for efficient trapping, enhancing overall performance.
  • Impressive installation depth reaching 120 metres, catering to diverse borehole needs.
  • Constructed with Male/Female Trapezoidal threads, conforming to DIN 4925/8061 standards, adding to its durability and performance.
  • Nominal diameter of 125 mm (Outer Diameter: 140 mm, Inner Diameter: 127 mm, Wall Thickness: 6.5 mm) to ensure precise and accurate sand trapping requirements.

Consider these complementary products to enhance your borehole project:

  • The reliable UPVC Casing pipe, 125 ND, offering 2.9m in length.
  • The robust UPVC Screen, 125 ND, measuring 2.9m in length.
  • The highly efficient Bottom plug for a sand trap, sized 125 ND.


  • Lightweight design weighing at just 3.5 kg.
  • An impressive volume capacity of 12.4 m³.

Shipping and Handling:

Rest assured, your product will be shipped in a resilient 20-foot ISO container to provide absolute protection during transportation. We ensure efficient shipping by strategically nesting smaller pipes within larger ones.


Ideal for borehole applications, the UPVC Sand Trap Pipe - 125mm x 1m excels in trapping sand. Strategically positioned below screen pipes and coupled with a bottom plug, it delivers maximum trapping efficiency.

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