Durable U-PVC Sand Trap Pipe for Efficient Borehole Construction

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The Robust U-PVC Sand Trap Pipe for Efficient Boreholes is an essential tool in borehole construction and water wells maintenance. With its unique design and material, it effectively prevents sand infiltration, optimizing the overall borehole performance. Key features include:

  • Optimized Engineering: Specific design to trap and impede sand entry in boreholes for long-lasting efficiency.
  • Wide Compatibility: Synchronizes seamlessly with casing and screen pipes, ideal for depths up to 120 meters.
  • Secure Joint: Features male/female trapezoidal threads for reliable joint connection in compliance with DIN 4925/8061 standards.
  • Precise Size: A nominal diameter of 100mm (OD 113mm, ID 103mm, WT 5mm) caters to varied borehole dimensions.
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Robust U-PVC Sand Trap Pipe for Efficient Borehole Operations

Augment your construction capabilities with the durable and high-performance U-PVC Sand Trap Pipe, specially engineered for efficient, long-lasting functionality in boreholes. Crafted with superior U-PVC material, this sand trap pipe is a testament to quality and performance in enhancing your borehole drilling applications.

  • This Sand Trap Pipe is made from U-PVC, a robust material known for promising longevity and resilience.
  • Our pipe is expertly designed to trap sands effectively, hence ensuring the unflawed function of the borehole. It houses a reliable lower plug that steadfastly backstops the sand, assuring you of its unparalleled performance.
  • With compatibility with both casing and screen pipes, our pipe can be conveniently installed at depths down to 120 meters - amplifying its utility and efficiency in different construction scenarios.
  • Compliance with the DIN 4925/8061 standards reaffirms the quality and dependability of the Sand Trap Pipe. With the certification, you are assured of its performance and durability for a long period.
  • This Sand Trap Pipe presents a nominal diameter of 100mm, an outer diameter of 113mm, an inner diameter of 103mm, and a wall thickness of 5mm - all designed to ensure its robustness and to suit your varied drilling needs.

Effortless Installation and Optimal Functionality

Packed in a 20-foot ISO container for seamless and practical transportation, our Sand Trap Pipe fits perfectly below screen pipes. This ensures a stable base that traps sand efficiently. The lifespan of the pipe is enhanced due to resistance against wear and tear. Despite being designed for optimal function in boreholes, its exceptional features make it versatile for different applications.

The Complete Package

We strive to meet all your requirements by offering key accessories such as the Casing Pipe (S0009120), Screen (S0009125), and Bottom Plug (S0009162). The accessories enhance the functionality of your borehole drilling application, making it a perfect choice.

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