Premium 100ml Barcoded Sample Collection Bottle - High Quality Lab-Grade Plastic

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Product: Premium 100ml Barcoded Sample Collection Bottle – Superior Quality Laboratory-Grade Plastic

  • Exceptional Quality: Crafted from durable, lab-grade plastic providing lasting resilience for a variety of lab procedures.
  • Convenient Sample Tracking: Each bottle includes a pre-attached barcode, facilitating effortless sample management.
  • Optimized for Laboratory Use: The bottle’s design ensures seamless compatibility with standard lab equipment and methodologies.
  • Uncompromised Sample Integrity: The bottle is ideal for non-sterile samples while effectively warding off potential contaminants.
  • Accurate Volume Measurement: The 100ml capacity is precisely marked, accompanied by a 20ml air space for effective mixing.

This premium sample collection bottle combines superior quality, versatility, and efficiency, thus ensuring optimal performance of your lab operations.

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Superior Quality 100ml Barcoded Sample Collection Bottle: A Must-Have Tool for Precision in Lab Environment

Deliver precision and reliability in your scientific research with our high-quality 100ml Barcoded Sample Collection Bottle. Carefully crafted from industry-leading, lab-grade plastic, this bottle ensures durability, longevity and unwavering performance, making it an ideal choice for professionals undertaking traceable sample testing.

Unmatched For Features and Efficiency

  • Unique Fixed Barcode: Streamlines lab operations and prevents item loss or confusing mix-ups.
  • Premium Lab-grade Plastic: Our bottles are made from top-quality plastic ensuring unmatched durability and extended usage.
  • 100ml Capacity with Fill Line: Guarantees precision and complete accuracy in every sample collection.
  • 20ml Airspace: Safeguards against spillage, reducing contamination risks during handling of volatile samples.
  • Sterilization-Free: Time-saving feature that maintains scientific validity whilst ensuring resource efficiency.
  • Classic and Functional Design: Our universally accepted design ensures easy adaptability in any lab environment.

Optimized for efficiency and precision, this bottle simplifies lab operations, ensuring an easy, reliable tracking with its unique fixed barcode. The 100ml capacity and calibrated fill line facilitate exact sample collection, and the 20ml airspace ensures safe handling of volatile samples. These features make this bottle an indispensable part of your laboratory repertoire.

Simplify Your Lab Work

Stay focused on your research and leave the logistics to our 100ml Barcoded Sample Collection Bottle. Save time and resources with the bottle's sterilization-free feature, maintaining the test's scientific integrity. Optimize your productivity with our premium collection bottle.

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