Rapid Iodine Test Kit | Accurate and Easy-to-use Iodized Salt Testing Solution

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Quickly and accurately determine the iodine content in potassium iodide fortified salt with the Iodized Salt Test Kit. This user-friendly kit delivers results within a minute, making it indispensable for routine checks. It includes a color reference chart for easy result interpretation. Packed in a durable, resealable container, the kit allows for 60-75 tests via two 10ml test solution vials included.

  • Equipped with a safety pin for secure vial opening
  • Comes with a standardized plastic salt sample holder for accuracy
  • Including multilingual instruction leaflets, ensuring a broad reach
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'Iodized Salt Test Kit - Accurate and Easy-to-Use | Rapid Iodine Determination Tool' is an innovative and reliable solution for iodine determination in potassium iodide fortified salt. This test kit is intelligently designed to provide laboratory-standard precision and ease of use, making it valuable for both professionals and hobbyists. The kit is perfect for conducting approximately 60 to 75 tests, offering excellent cost efficiency.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive testing capability: The kit provides two 10ml test solution ampoules/vials which allows for a significant number of tests.
  • Accuracy and reliability: The inclusion of a recheck solution minimizes false negatives, boosting the credibility of results.
  • User-friendliness: The kit provides an easy-to-read color reference chart that simplifies results interpretation. Instruction manuals are available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • Practical packaging and shelf life: The resealable container extends the product’s shelf life to a minimum of 18 months, enhancing its longevity and worth.

Purpose and Usage

This test kit is designed for a straightforward and universal use. It can be utilized to test both fine and coarse salt iodine levels. Detailed instructions provided in multiple languages assist in performing the tests without any hassles. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking who needs to carry out iodine level tests.

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