(S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol: High-Quality Optically Active Compound for Advanced Research

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(S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol is an exceptional optically active compound, rigorously fabricated for advanced scientific research. Its optimal purity and performance ensure accurate & reproducible outcomes. No superfluous supplier details or product specifics are compromised in its composition.

  • Specifically suitable for a variety of scientific applications due to its precise chemical composition.
  • Ensures consistent results abiding by top-quality standards.
  • Its reliable and predictable behavior makes it a trusted choice for researchers.
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(S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol: An Advanced Research Solution for Precision and Reliability

Welcome to the sophisticated realm of (S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol! Expertly engineered for cutting-edge research studies, this optically active compound provides unparalleled purity and performance, ensuring your results are accurate and reproducible every time.

Unmatched Quality and Precision

(S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol outclasses the competition with its intricate composition. It effortlessly surpasses rigorous quality control standards, culminating in a compound specifically designed for precise research procedures.

  • Quality Grade: Reserved among research-grade compounds for its superior quality
  • Packaging: Delivered under strict packaging protocols to maintain its flawless state
  • Labelling: Detailed for seamless utility and handling

Technical Specifications to Assure Quality

  • Purity: Undisclosed currently, but rest assured of its high-grade quality
  • Impurity: Negligible, a testament to its reliable properties
  • Appearance: Characteristic clear, enabling accurate identification
  • Identification: Will be shared once available
  • Related Substance: Will be disclosed soon

Measurements and Levels

  • Weight: Will be specified on availability
  • Volume: Will be announced on availability

Product Credentials

  • EC Number: Will be provided once available
  • NACRES Number: Will be shared once available
  • PubChem ID: Will be provided when available

Fuel Your Advanced Research with (S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol

When it comes to high-quality, optically active compounds, (S)-(-)-α,α-2-Pyrrolidinemethanol is the ultimate choice for advanced research. Experience the next level of scientific advancements with this reliable, pristine compound.

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