One Meter Blackboard Ruler: The High-quality Educational Tool For Precision Teaching

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One Meter Blackboard Ruler: An indispensable durable educational tool, made with 5mm thick plastic ensuring longevity. Its specifications include:

  • Length: A total of 100cm, segmented and packaged as 2 halves of 50cm each, connected by a detachable handle.
  • Graduation: Precise measurements with 1cm intervals and 39 segmentation in inches allow for versatile use.
  • Usability: With a width of 55mm, ensures ease of reading, ideal for classroom requirements.
  • Applications: An integral part of ‘School-in-a-carton’ and ‘School-in-a-box’ educational kits, catering to groups of up to 40 students.
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The One Meter Blackboard Ruler is your indispensable ally in the educational journey. A crucial component of the riveting 'School-in-a-carton' and 'School-in-a-box' learning kits, it's designed for accuracy, durability, and adaptability to tap into the diverse needs of modern classrooms.

  • Meticulous 100cm graduations at precise 1cm intervals offer a clear and comprehensive understanding of measurements, subtly nurturing accuracy in students.
  • Marked in both cms and inches (divided into 39 segments), it facilitates seamless transition between diverse measurement units and is adaptable to all types of curricula.
  • Durable materials - crafted out of 5mm thick plastic, its longevity isn't just a claim but a guarantee, ensuring the ruler can withstand regular and constant classroom use.
  • Its width of 55mm prioritizes readability, fostering independence in learning among students and making it an essential aide in instructional situations.
  • Designed for convenience, the ruler consists of two separate 50cm halves that are easily assembled via a detachable handle, providing easy storage and transport.
  • The 'School-in-a-carton' and 'School-in-a-box' kits are built to support up to 40 students, flawlessly showcasing the ruler's robust scalability for larger classrooms.

In essence, with its carefully thought-out design and versatile usability, the One Meter Blackboard Ruler proves to be more than a teaching aid; it's a tool to enhance comprehension, incentivize precision, and promote vibrant learning among students. Cultivate an impactful learning environment with the One Meter Blackboard Ruler!

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