Effective Rotavirus Vaccine, Penta, Single Dose Tube: Complete Protection for Infants

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Highly Effective Rotavirus Vaccine, Penta, Single Dose Tube for Infants: This is a live-attenuated vaccine for active immunization of infants as young as 6 weeks to prevent rotavirus-induced gastroenteritis. Notable attributes include:

  • Indication: Designed exclusively for infants starting at 6 weeks old.
  • Dosing: Orally administered in three doses, with a recommended 4-week interval between each, completed by 24 weeks.
  • Packaging: Provided in a penta, single-dose polyethylene tube for precise dosing and to minimize contamination risk.

This vaccine is formulated from carefully curated ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and safety. It is crucial to store and transport it between 2u00b0C and 8u00b0C, without freezing, to maintain its potency and efficacy.

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Highly Effective Rotavirus Vaccine, Penta, Single Dose Tube for Infants: Detailed Product Description

The Rotavirus Vaccine, Penta, Single Dose Tube is a revolutionary development in infant healthcare, designed exclusively to immunize infants from the lethal and highly contagious rotavirus. The vaccine, produced in Vero cells, comes in a user-friendly format that allows easy oral administration.

Key Features

  • This vaccine has been structured uniquely to be compatible with infants as young as six weeks, providing maximum early protection against deadly rotaviruses that can cause fatal diarrhea.
  • The vaccination procedure encompasses three equally measured doses administered over a period of 12 weeks, guaranteeing complete immunization by 24 weeks of age.
  • The oral route of administration offers direct action at the targeted gastrointestinal tract site, thereby enhancing the vaccine's efficiency.
  • Live-attenuated Human Rotavirus strain used in this vaccine gives rise to a potent immune response that mirrors a natural rotavirus infection without causing the associated illness.

Storage and Transportation

The Rotavirus Vaccine, Penta, Single Dose Tube demands scrupulous storage and handling. It has to be kept within a stringent temperature range of 2u00b0C to 8u00b0C. The vaccine's efficacy is compromised if frozen. Consult specific cold chain requirements for effective transportation and storage.

Instruction for Use

Administration of this vaccine should always be preceded by consultation with a healthcare professional. Avoid shaking the tube before use and ensure the infant's mouth is rinsed prior to vaccine administration.


Remember, this vaccine serves as a preventive tool against rotavirus and does not cure an active infection. It also does not offer protection against other forms of gastroenteritis. There may be minimal side effects like low-grade fever or vomiting upon administration. Seek professional consultation in case of persistent adverse reactions.

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