Premium Laboratory Rotator for Enhanced Blood Specimen Mixing & Clot Prevention

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The Premium Laboratory Rotator stands out for its superior capacity to mix blood specimens efficiently, preventing clumps, and ensuring test accuracy in clinical settings.

  • Known for efficient blood specimen mixing and clot prevention.
  • Features a unique rocking and horizontal rotation for comprehensive mixing.
  • Comes equipped with a variable timer for speed control settings that range between 5 to 30 RPM.
  • Can accommodate up to 22 tubes of 10-16 mm diameter with a volume capacity of 1.5 ml to 15 ml.
  • Integrated with voltage surge protection to ensure safe operation.
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Improve your lab operations exponentially with the innovatively designed Premium Laboratory Rotator for Enhanced Blood Specimen Mixing and Clot Prevention. This one-of-a-kind laboratory tool integrates state-of-the-art technology, superior comfort, and unerring accuracy, thus ensuring meticulous and consistent results in your everyday procedures.

Unlike traditional lab rotators, our Premium Laboratory Rotator for Blood Specimen Mixing & Clot Prevention sets a new standard with its clot prevention feature. It ensures absolute sample safety, reliably eliminating the need for repeated testing and saving precious resources. This marvellously efficient tool is adaptable for various tests and protocols, and is capable of customizable speed and rotation settings.

Featuring a robust construction tailored for demanding laboratory environments, this rotator promises long-lasting everyday performance. Its user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool for both novice and expert operators. Additionally, its compact design makes it an extremely space-efficient addition to your lab.

Key Features:

  • Uniform sample distribution for accurate analyses
  • Clot prevention feature guarantees sample safety
  • Adjustable rotation and speed settings for flexible operation
  • Durable design guarantees long-term reliability
  • Easy-to-use for all laboratory professionals
  • Compact design ensures maximum bench space utilization


  • Product Type: Laboratory Equipment
  • Application: Ideal for efficient mixing of blood specimens and preventing clots.

Experience the future of laboratory operations today with the Premium Laboratory Rotator for Enhanced Blood Specimen Mixing and Clot Prevention. Order now and witness a significant advancement in your lab procedures.

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