RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells - High Transformation Efficiency & Enhanced Expression

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RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells

  • High transformation efficiency for improved results.
  • Enhanced expression of eukaryotic proteins ensures optimal performance.
  • T7 lysozyme expression suppresses unwanted T7 expression.
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RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells

Introducing RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells, an exceptional product that combines high transformation efficiency with enhanced expression of eukaryotic proteins. These competent cells have been carefully engineered to provide you with the highest quality results for your research and experimentation needs. With the added benefit of T7 lysozyme expression that suppresses basal T7 expression, RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells offer unparalleled performance and accuracy in protein expression studies.


  • High transformation efficiency: RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells offer an impressive transformation efficiency, ensuring successful incorporation of your gene of interest into the host strain. This high efficiency paves the way for reliable and reproducible results in your experiments.
  • Enhanced expression of eukaryotic proteins: The RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells have been specifically designed to optimize the expression of eukaryotic proteins. Whether you are studying the structure, function, or interactions of these proteins, these competent cells provide an ideal platform for your research.
  • T7 lysozyme expression suppresses basal T7 expression: The presence of T7 lysozyme in RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells plays a crucial role in suppressing basal T7 expression. This enables you to accurately control and fine-tune the expression levels of your target protein, minimizing background noise and enhancing the specificity of your studies.

With RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your results. These competent cells have undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure consistent performance, giving you peace of mind during your experiments.

Not only do RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells offer exceptional features and performance, but they are also backed by a wealth of additional resources. For more in-depth information, you can refer to the provided Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which outlines important safety considerations and handling instructions. Additionally, you can explore related peer-reviewed papers and technical documents to learn from the experiences of other researchers who have used this product successfully.

RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells are part of a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to meet your diverse research needs. If you find this product to be a valuable addition to your laboratory, you may also be interested in exploring similar products within our range.

At our company, we are committed to providing researchers like you with the most reliable and innovative tools to advance scientific knowledge. We strive to deliver products that enable breakthrough discoveries and facilitate progress in various disciplines. RosettaBlue(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells exemplify our dedication to excellence and our continuous efforts to support the scientific community.

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