Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells - Efficient Eukaryotic Protein Expression

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  • Enhances expression of eukaryotic proteins
  • Combines features of BL21, Origami, and Rosetta strains
  • pLacI plasmid produces extra Lac repressor
  • Efficient Eukaryotic Protein Expression
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Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells - Efficient Eukaryotic Protein Expression

Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells are highly efficient bacterial strains designed for enhanced expression of eukaryotic proteins. These competent cells combine the essential features of BL21, Origami, and Rosetta strains to provide an optimal host system for the production of recombinant proteins. By incorporating the pLacI plasmid, which produces extra Lac repressor, these cells offer a significantly improved protein expression system compared to traditional strains.

Key Features:

  • Enhances expression of eukaryotic proteins: Rosetta-gami B competently expresses eukaryotic proteins with high efficiency, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of protein production applications. The combination of its unique features ensures maximum protein yield.
  • Combines features of BL21, Origami, and Rosetta strains: This strain is a result of innovative genetic engineering that brings together the advantages of three renowned bacterial strains. The inclusion of features from BL21, Origami, and Rosetta strains offers a comprehensive and versatile host system for protein expression.
  • pLacI plasmid produces extra Lac repressor: The presence of the pLacI plasmid in Rosetta-gami B cells leads to the overproduction of Lac repressor, an essential regulator of the lactose operon. This excessive Lac repressor ensures tighter control over protein expression, promoting higher yields and improved solubility of the target protein.

Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells cater to the growing demand for an efficient system to express complex eukaryotic proteins. By harnessing the benefits of multiple strains in a single host, these cells have become a popular choice for researchers and scientists in various disciplines.

Expanding on the exceptional features of Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells:

  • Increased solubility: The enhanced expression system ensures higher solubility of eukaryotic proteins, reducing the formation of insoluble inclusion bodies often associated with difficult-to-express proteins.
  • Broad applicability: Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI cells are suitable for expressing a wide range of eukaryotic target proteins, including those with complex folding requirements and post-translational modifications.
  • Improved yield: The presence of extra Lac repressor offers tighter control over gene expression, resulting in increased protein yields. This improved efficiency reduces the need for labor-intensive optimizations and enhances the overall success rate in protein purification and downstream applications.

Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells have a robust genetic background that enables efficient transformation and maintenance of recombinant plasmids. The highly competent nature of these cells allows for successful transformation with a wide range of plasmids, ensuring flexibility and convenience in molecular biology experiments.

For more information regarding the safe handling and use of Rosetta-gami B(DE3)pLacI Competent Cells, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available on the product page.

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