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5-Piece Glass Rod Set – High-quality Lab Glassware Equipment offers premium solutions for scientific applications. This lab gear set guarantees:

  • Performance Excellence: Made from premium, colorless glass, these rods are optimized for diverse scientific operations.
  • Strategic Design: Approximately 200mm long and 6mm in diameter, these rods provide precision control, enhancing stirring applications efficiency.
  • Universal Application: Appropriate for a variety of scientific disciplines – including chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. They’re ideal for stirring reactions, spreading cultures, or manipulating tiny objects.
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5-Piece Glass Rod Set - Uncompromised Quality Lab Glassware Equipment

Enhance your laboratory experience with our 5-Piece Glass Rod Set, designed with superior quality and accuracy in mind. Made from premium, transparent glass of the highest quality, each rod in this set brings robust durability and impeccable performance to your science laboratory, educational institution, or research centre.

The Glass Rod Set features five flawlessly designed rods, each measuring approximately 200mm in length and 6mm in diameter. The rods' uniform smoothness makes them user-friendly and ensures laboratory users' protection.

Key Features

  • Superior Stirring Application: Our glass rods serve as the ideal stirring tool in various laboratory settings, providing unmatched precision and ease.
  • Versatile Usage: The utility of our glass rods extends beyond professional labs and are also perfect for educational settings and research centres, meeting practical needs across a wide array of scientific disciplines.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from the highest quality transparent glass, these rods are designed for durability and will significantly enhance the accuracy of your laboratory results.
  • Easy-to-clean: With a smooth, non-stick surface, the glass rods are effortless to clean, saving valuable time in any lab setting.
  • Practical, Sleek Design: Marrying functionality and aesthetic appeal, these glass rods offer both efficient use and a pleasing aesthetic.

Packaging Details

The Glass Rod Set is supplied in a pack of 5 glass rods. Each set is comprehensively packaged to ensure protection from breakage during transportation. With an estimated weight of just 0.054kg and a volume of 0.00001m3, they are easy to store and transport.

Unsurpassed Quality, Unmatched Performance

Trust our 5-Piece Glass Rod Set for superior performance, accurate results, and an enhanced laboratory experience. Choose quality, choose durability, choose our Glass Rod Set.

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