Premier Medical Tool: Vaginal Retractor, Doyen 45x85mm

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Experience professional-grade ease and safety with the Vaginal Retractor, Doyen 45 x 85mm: Premium Medical Tool. Precision-crafted for medical procedures, its blade measures 45mm in width and 85mm in length. Offering optimal exposure, this tool excels in illuminating the vaginal cavity. It’s constructed from high-end Austenitic steel that’s non-magnetic and non-quenching, with compositions of 18-20% Chromium and 8-10% Nickel. The retractor is a versatile addition to surgical kits for curettage and vaginal/cervical examinations. As a requisite, sterilization pre and post-usage is necessary, ensuring patient safety.

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Vaginal Retractor, Doyen 45 x 85mm: A Comprehensive Guide to Premium Medical Tools

Our Vaginal Retractor, specifically crafted with precision and comfort in mind, is the epitome of innovative medical tool design. This modern device is explicitly designed to provide invaluable assistance during various medical procedures. Its primary function is to expose the vaginal cavity, but its functionality extends to much more, thus ensuring accurate procedural precision.

Superior Material Composition

Expertly constructed with high-quality Austenitic steel, our Vaginal Retractor possesses unbeatable strength and durability. The strategic combination of 18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel ensures that the retractor is non-magnetic and not easily corroded, supporting a long life even under heavy usage.

Safety and Comfort Assurance

Understanding the importance of patient safety and comfort during procedures, the Vaginal Retractor features blunt lateral edges. Its optimal blade dimensions of 85mm length and 45mm width ensure worry-free use while delivering top-notch performance.

Convenient Product Packaging and Dimensions

Each retractor is carefully packaged in a protective plastic bag. Labeling includes crucial details like manufacturer information, product reference, and product characteristics for easy traceability. Moreover, the Vaginal Retractor boasts an admirable product weight of just 0.200kg, and a compact volume of 0.006cdm, personifying its lightweight and convenient nature.

Safe Usage and Maintenance Instructions

Our Vaginal Retractor is pivotal during medical operations requiring exposure of the vaginal cavity. Post-procedure, a thorough cleaning and disinfection routine is recommended, followed by steam sterilisation. The retractor is an excellent, versatile addition to surgical kits used for curettage, vaginal/cervical examination, and suturing.

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