Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor 120mm for Superficial Surgeries

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Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor, 120mm – Vital for Superficial Surgery

The Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor is an indispensable surgical tool, purposed for effective minimally invasive procedures. Noteworthy details feature:

  • Constructed with non-quenched, non-magnetic Austenitic steel, ensures long-lasting endurance.
  • Dimensions: 12cm in size, offering convenience and proficiency.
  • Features secure packaging for optimal handling and storage.
  • Clean and sterilize after usage to maintain tool sanitation.
  • Key component of the basic surgery kit (S9910001).

Designed with precision, the Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor promises superior performance with its robust and hygienic properties, making it quintessential in every superficial surgical procedure.

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The Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor, measuring 120mm in length, is a critical tool designated for use in superficial surgical procedures. Expertly designed to allow effortless retraction of the skin, fatty tissue, muscle, or visceral organs, this device significantly increases surgical efficiency, facilitating a smooth, streamlined operation.

Unparalleled in durability, the Farabeuf Retractor is crafted from the high-quality Austenitic steel, a non-quenched, non-magnetic material made from an optimal blend of 18-20% chromium and 8-10% nickel. This careful choice of materials ensures high resistance to corrosion and substantially enhances the instrument’s longevity, delivering consistent performance over its operating life.

  • Comes in a convenient pair, promoting seamless teamwork during surgical procedures.
  • Features an exact size of 12cm, guaranteeing a precise fit.
  • Primary packaging includes a plastic bag containing one pair of retractors, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene.
  • Secondary packaging consists of a box containing ten pairs of retractors, aiding efficient inventory management.
  • Beneficiary of ophthalmic overpackaging for added protection during transportation.
  • Conveniently clear labeling expedites the identification of manufacturer details, product type, main specifications, and storage conditions.

With an impressively lightweight design weighing approximately 0.070kg, the Double-Ended Farabeuf Retractor ensures minimal fatigue during extended surgical procedures. The instrument’s compact design takes up a minimal volume of just 0.045cdm, making storage post-procedure a breeze. This instrument is a part of the essential surgery kit (S9910001).

Designed with user-friendliness at its core, the Farabeuf Retractor requires basic maintenance. We recommend cleaning and disinfecting the device after each use, with sterilization using a steam sterilizer to ensure maximum hygiene and safety during subsequent operations.

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